The girlfriends went to the bar to participate in the party “5 people disappeared collectively” The police found the bodies of 3 women after 40 hours | ETtoday International News | ETtodayAMP

▲The police found the remains of three missing women. (Picture / flip from Twitter)

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Reporter Li Zhenhui / Comprehensive report

Sophie Russon, a 20-year-old British woman, recently went to the bar with her 21-year-old girlfriends Eve Smith and Darcy Ross. Later, the three disappeared at the same time. Two male friends who walked with them that night They also disappeared suddenly, and the family was worried about finding the whereabouts of the five people, but now there is news that the bodies of the three women have been found.

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Local media reported that three young women from Porthcawl, Wells, attended a party at a bar in Maesglas, a southwest neighborhood of Newport, on the evening of the 3rd. The next morning, they and two male friends, 32-year-old Shane Loughlin and 24-year-old Rafel Jeanne disappeared suddenly when they planned to hitchhike to other places together.

The family members were worried about reporting the crime because there was no news of the five people for 40 hours, and they released many photos on the Internet, hoping that the public can help them find their relatives. According to the latest news, the police announced on the 6th that the vehicle in which five people were originally taken was found in St Mellons (St Mellons), a suburb of Cardiff, and it is suspected that the five people might have been involved in a car accident, causing the vehicle to overturn from the A48 road drop down.

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The police said, “The three women who were reported missing all died, and the other two were sent to the hospital due to serious injuries. The commissioner has provided assistance to the families of the victims. The case is under investigation.” It was just an appointment, or we decided to go out temporarily when we met that night, and the details are still to be clarified.

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