Entertainment The girls of the Basque rumba. Deia, Bizkaia News

The girls of the Basque rumba. Deia, Bizkaia News



PERET was the boy from the Catalan rumba and Alarma Morea are the girls of the Basque rumba. The sisters Ainhoa ​​and Uxue Plágaro and Nerea Dual sing rumba in Basque, in addition to reggaeton, rock … Uxue and Nerea are 17 years old and Ainhoa ​​21. Their musical training is self-taught. “I've always liked music, but I've never considered studying. The only classes I have attended are those of the Ikastola choir. The guitar has always caught my attention and about 10 years ago I bought one, ”says Ainhoa. His sister is also a big music fan and they started playing together. “We played a little of everything. First I started singing with my sister and then I bought a piano. At home we played with the guitar and piano. ”

They saw that they needed a percussionist and, after playing with another person for a short period of time, they invited Nerea to play with them. That was two years ago. Uxue and Nerea are classmates. “At home we like music and I started playing in the church. First I sang and then I started to play the drums. I have learned to play at home. ”

The three girls give all the sticks. “We make versions of romería songs, pop ballads, rock songs (for example, from the Berri Txarrak group)… But, above all, we play rumba. The songs that we compose have melody of rumba. I don't know if we can say that our root is rumba, but half of our repertoire is made up of songs of rumba and the other half of songs of other styles, ”explains Ainhoa.

They listen to everything. Ainhoa ​​mentions Bomba Stéreo, Berri Txarrak, Mikel Urdangarin and Izaro; Nerea to India Martínez, Niña Pastori and Marina García and Uxue to La Pe Sticker.

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One of the objectives of this group is to put their grain of sand in the fight for equality between women and men, so many of the versions they play are groups formed by women. “We want to support groups formed by women, so we play, for example, versions of Bomba Stereo. They are reggaeton groups, but they don't have sexist lyrics. We like to make our ideas known. Much of the music heard today contains offensive messages. Sexist, racist messages … Seeing that, we composed the song Ez beti da ez for parties of Zumarraga. Now we are preparing another one about stereotypes. We try to respond to the needs of society and do awareness work, ”says Ainhoa. It is the most veteran of the group and, therefore, which is responsible for writing the lyrics of the songs. They sing in Basque, Spanish and English. In the composition all participate. "Each one brings its style."

Nerea and Uxue are very young. “Before playing with them I played in some groups that emerged in class. Then I started playing with Uxue and a percussionist my age. The latter left him shortly before a concert in the gaztetxe and we called him Nerea. We knew him well and knew he would adapt right away. ”

The recorded video clip for parties of Zumarraga has been very successful. “We are very happy. Not only because of the reception that the video has had on YouTube. In Sanfermines I entered a bar and they had the song on. In addition, the media have supported us a lot, ”explains Ainhoa. They have in mind to record two other songs, but they are offering more performances than expected and do not find a place for recording. They do not rule out burning a disc. “We have in mind to burn a CD, but it is not our only objective. I think that to reach people, it is enough to Spotify, YouTube and other platforms ”.

Nerea is gypsy, so it is inevitable to talk about Sonakay. “Thanks to Sonakay, we hear for the first time rumba and flamenco in Basque. At first you think that rumba may sound strange in Basque, but you realize that nothing happens to get out of the traditional. Ours is also euskal musika and we promote cultural diversity, ”explains Ainhoa.


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