The Girondins de Bordeaux downgraded to National! – Girondins

It’s a cold shower in Bordeaux. The FFF appeal committee upheld the DNCG’s decision. The Girondins are definitively relegated to National.

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FCGB is dead

Bordeaux will not start its season in Ligue 2. The FFF appeal committee was not convinced by the financial guarantees provided by the owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, namely the company Jogo Bonito represented by Gérard Lopez.

Bordeaux sinks in National and surely much lower.

A bankruptcy filing is envisaged, which means the end of professional football for the FCGB. Barely a year after the takeover of the club by Gérard Lopez, the FCGB in its current form is dead. It is a resounding failure for institutions, and all those who participated directly or indirectly in the arrival of this gravedigger shareholder.

More information to come.

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