The global conference that put the magnifying glass on COVID-19 and brought together Fauci, Bill Gates and the CEO of Pfizer

References such as Anthony Fauci, the White House epidemiologist; tech guru Bill Gates; and Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla

The top STAT 2020 that brings together the best of medicine, technology and several world leaders who fight against the pandemic by COVID-19 disease, ended his second day in which he participated exclusively Infobae and in which the progress of the United States around the advertisements of its Moderna and Pfizer vaccines with a high percentage of demonstrated effectiveness was deepened.

Many are the questions that still remain to find out how the virus will evolve and the tools we have to prevent it from spreading or causing more deaths. To start answering them, the first speaker of the second day of STAT 2020 was the White House epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, who was expectant about the latest advances of pharmaceutical companies in the search for a vaccine against COVID-19 and said that “help is on the way”, that very soon there will be several approved vaccines and that it will be important to reach a good and great coverage throughout the United States and the world to control and eliminate the coronavirus.

The first speaker of the second day of STAT 2020 was the White House epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci

The most important thing to highlight about vaccines is about their effectiveness. This is talked about in vaccinology circles. Effectiveness is given by the effectiveness of what the vaccine is capable of doing. So we have a 94.5 efficiency for Moderna and more than 90% for Pfizer product. The effectiveness will really be when we get a large proportion of people vaccinated. The big question that surrounds infectologists is what proportion of people in society will apply the vaccine. This is one of the things that will be a challenge that we need to get to. Because if we want the vaccine to be properly applied and distributed and to reach some level of normality like the one we lived before, we must have a large proportion of the population vaccinated. It is not identical, but it can be analogous. Measles is a vaccine that is 98% effective. If we have up to 70% of the population vaccinated against measles, we will not have to worry about an outbreak of it and we will not be chronically worried about measles, “Fauci said.

And he continued: “What we really have to do, since we are fortunate enough to have a high and effective vaccine, is to get vaccinated when the moment comes when they are approved. And I think that this term will be plural, since there will be many vaccines that will arrive. This is due to the successful Operation Warp Speed ​​program to which the nation is committed, with a large number of candidate vaccines. “

Fauci stated that we are dealing with a historical illness and we cannot lower our arms. We cannot escape the reality of infections and must be faced. “I have never seen a virus like this. I have never seen a virus with this behavior, with a high level of contagion, in which 45% of those infected are asymptomatic, and up to 80% of them can suffer it as a common flu. But there is another 20 to 25% that generates a serious illness, requiring hospitalization, respiratory assistance and collapse of their organs. And he concluded: “We are going to need more vaccines to be effective if we want to vaccinate the entire population of the US and the world. Laboratories are engaged with many countries to supply vaccines. My position has always been that the US as a rich country and leader of the world has an obligation to help all countries.

Albert Bourla is the President and CEO of Pfizer

Albert Bourla is the President and CEO of Pfizer

Another of the great speakers on the first day of the STAT 2020 summit was the president and CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, who announced in the virtual meeting that they would be very close to requesting an emergency use authorization: “Do not create expectations about when it will be, we will announce it in due course”. This would mean that the vaccine can now begin to be distributed and used under the emergency framework.

Monday, November 9, was the beginning of the era of hope for the population after hearing the results of the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine. “My main responsibility was to create a safe vaccine that people can trust and then go get vaccinated. I am grateful that we have published our preliminary data with 164 participants, since fewer seemed very few to me and I knew that we had only one chance of impacting the population, “he said. Bourla.

When asked how the company was able to move so quickly the specialist said that Pfizer had to make “millions” of decisions in the process and was blessed to make the right decisions. “To achieve this, the stars needed to be aligned and stay aligned,” he said.

In this sense, the professional explained that it seemed very important to be able to change the outcome of this disease as soon as possible: “It had nothing to do with the US elections. Since March I have planned for my team to reach a significant goal such as publishing data at the end of October. This happened thanks to the speed of science ”.

The billionaire American business and computer mogul, Bill Gates, referred on Tuesday, among other things, to what governments could have done and did not do to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2

To end the day, it was the turn of the technological philanthropist Bill Gates. The billionaire American business and computer mogul, He referred this Tuesday, among other things, to the day on which he realized that the coronavirus pandemic was going to be really serious, to the difficulties we will face after the arrival of a vaccine and to what governments may have done and did not do to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

During the meeting in which he participated Infobae, Gates, what has become an emblem of the fight against coronavirus and has donated millions of dollars in the development of a cure, he indicated that although in your 2015 predictions he underestimated that society would try to close many things to reduce the spread and not allow the numbers of deaths and infections to be so high, “we were not so smart in diagnosing respiratory viruses and understanding what activities caused their spread.”

“Time was on our side, but we didn’t use it as we should. If we had been lucky and the pandemic had arrived five years later, we would not be so disappointed to have ruined everything. Deaths are what people talk about the most, but education, mental health and what we have done with government deficits will affect us in time. It is not a world war but without a doubt it is in that league ”, Held.

For decades, the mogul warned about the need to be prepared for a pandemic. Now that it’s here I wish there had been more time to be ready to meet your challenges. “If this pandemic had come five years later, the mRNA platform used by the most promising vaccines would have been even more mature, our ability to produce antibodies faster would have been clear, the diagnostic scale as well, even eventually the flow tests. side that we have today would have even greater sensitivity. A lot of good things are coming, but sadly this hit us now ”.


Pfizer President: “We are very close to requesting an emergency use authorization for the vaccine”

Anthony Fauci: “I have never seen a virus like this”

Bill Gates: “This pandemic is not a world war, but it is close”

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