The global “expertscapenews” website chooses Dr. / Muhammad Al-Yami among the 30 best doctors in the world

The international “expertscapenews” website, which specializes in finding experts in medical specialties, chose the consultant oncologist in Najran, Dr. Muhammad bin Saleh Al-Yami among the top 30 doctors in the world and the first in the Kingdom in the field of peritoneal tumors.

It is noteworthy that the consultant of colorectal surgery and oncology, Dr. Muhammad bin Saleh Al-Swar Al-Yami, has achieved many achievements, which are considered the first of their kind in the Middle East, by performing operations using the “By Pack” technique in the treatment of cancerous tumors in the non-extractable membranes. By transmitting vaporized chemotherapy through an endoscope, the Oncology Center at King Khalid Hospital in Najran has recorded success in performing many operations with this technique.

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