The global sales volume of “Azur Blue Fantasy Versus” exceeds 500,000 sets. New DLC characters “Heath” and “Granblue Fantasy Versus” will be released

Siya Co., Ltd. announced that it has planned and produced Cygames, Inc. and developed by Arc System Works, the battle fighting game “Azure Fantasy Versus“The PV video of the DLC character “Heath” to be released on July 13 (Tuesday) was released as the 26th wave of publicity information.

  • Heath (CV: Hiyama Shuyuki)

PV screen

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Additional character bundle “Heath” will be released on July 13

  • Price: NT$230

  • Included content:

    1. Actionable character “Heath”

    2. Blue small character in the lobby (1 species)

    3. Leading role icon (1 type)

    4. Additional tasks (2 types)

  • Azure Fantasy」Special bonus

    1. You can get a voucher for the SSR character liberation weapon

    2. Limited chat stickers

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※ The content of this DLC contains elements that can only be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions in the game.

※ The second season additional character bundle “GBVS Character Package 2” also includes this character. Please be careful not to repeat purchases.

※ To use this content, you need to prepare a separately sold full game. In addition, if you need to apply the latest version of the data update file, be sure to update the data before using it.

※ The right to use this item is applicable to connecting to the Internet with a PS4™ host and logging in to “PSN”.

Azure Fantasy Versus》Global cumulative sales exceeded 500,000 sets

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  《Azure Fantasy Versus“The cumulative sales worldwide have exceeded 500,000 sets. In order to commemorate this, the official release of 1,000 gemstones in the original “Blue Fantasy” to all players. Players can look forward to the RAGE GRAND FINALS on July 10th (Sat) and the new DLC character “Heath” that will be released on July 13th (Tue).

product Overview

  • product name:Azure Fantasy Versus

  • Game platform: PlayStation 4 / PC

  • Release Date: On Sale

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese subtitles/Japanese voice

  • Game category: Fighting

  • Number of players: 1~2

  • Development: ARC SYSTEM WORKS CO.,LTD.

  • Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.

  • Game rating: auxiliary level 12

  • Official website:

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