The Good Doctor: What you should know about the fourth season on Amazon Prime

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The series The Good Doctor continues to generate good comments among the Amazon Prime audience and is that after the end of the third season, many are eagerly waiting for a new installment, which is already more than confirmed by its creator David Shore, who Despite confessing that he had no more arguments for a next stage, he sees the likelihood that the life of surgeon Shaun Murphy, who suffers from autism, will continue to captivate his followers. Therefore, here we give you more details of what is to come.

What will happen in the fourth season of The Good Doctor?

In this third installment, Amazon Prime subscribers were even more captivated with the life of this particular surgeon played by actor Freddie Highmore who removed the fiber of emotions and feelings in the face of his condition in which he gives a universal teaching on how they live and feel. people with autism, therefore, not everything could be there, and the fourth season is almost a fact that has raised doubts about its release.

  • And it is that in one of the last statements of Shore, in June of this same year, the idea of ​​releasing was raised the fourth season on September 19 0 20, but due to the extension of the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic this could be delayed and it is speculated that in 2021 is that the new stories finally come to light.
  • What is certain is that the Shaun and Lea’s romance will continue and other facets of both characters will be explored.
  • It was also known that there will be many changes and movements within the hospital in which we will even be able to see the surgeon assuming a high-ranking role in order to see how he performs in this environment.
  • Similarly, Shore wants to continue exploring the topic of how the pandemic is lived, but more individually, since in his opinion, he wants to show which with the reactions and consequences between each member of a family, since this generates more impact.
  • The cast consisting of: continues Freddie Highmore, Antonia Thomas, Richard Schiff, Hill Harper, Tamlyn Tomita, Christina Chang, and Paige Spara. And the great absentees will be Jasika Nicole and Nicholas González.

Here is a review of what the first season was:

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