the good sheets of “La Tête haute”, the autobiography of Guy Novès

Le Figaro delivers a few extracts from Guy Novès’ autobiography published by Editions Hugo Sport and retracing a prolific career.

  • “For Jean-Pierre Rives, I was ready for (almost) anything”

«I had trouble understanding Jean-Pierre Rives and I was not the only one. For a long time, I tried to understand his true nature: he looked like a poet and I still wonder if he wasn’t playing it. When he became a dad, belatedly, he apprehended existence differently. In the field, in any case, he was an example of will and self-sacrifice for all his partners. After a few weeks, I no longer looked at him as the star of French rugby but as a friend. His way of approaching games remained a mystery, however: until kick-off, he displayed a disconcerting nonchalance then, when he entered the lawn, he transformed into a ball of fire. Jean-Pierre has demonstrated such virtues in combat that he instilled in me the desire to be up to the task myself. For him, I was ready for (almost) anything. I proved it during the final of the 1978 V Nations Tournament, at Arms Park in Cardiff: the Welsh forwards having marched on Jean-Pierre,

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