The Goscinny Prize rewards the spirit of the Resistance – Liberation

The prize for the most prestigious screenplay in comic strip recognized two albums on the Second World War, including that of Madeleine Riffaud. The exhibition dedicated to him in Paris was the victim of anti-Semitic and Nazi tags.

It’s hard not to see a link with the current nauseating political atmosphere and the constant homage of Zemmour to Pétain, even if one of the members of the jury promises us that it is a coincidence. While the next Angoulême festival, which will take place at the end of January if the pandemic allows it, announced on Tuesday the list of works nominated for the various prizes, we already know the winners of the Goscinny prize for best screenwriters. And these are two comics paying homage to the French Resistance: Madeleine, resistant (Free area), and Of the living (2024).

Co-scriptwriters, Jean-David Morvan and Madeleine Riffaud were rewarded for the first biographical volume on the commitment against Nazi barbarism by Madeleine Riffaud from her adolescence. End of August, Libé had met for a portrait this woman of courage and character who was also a great anti-colonial journalist. Carried by the drawings of Dominique Bertail, this testimony of one of the last living resistance fighters is an essential document for “Keep alive the spirit of the Resistance”, as the authors defend.

“We are fighters”

“I am very happy because it will piss off even more the fascists (and all their brainless friends) who have fun writing pronazi slogans on my exhibition at the Buttes-Chaumont park! reacted Madeleine Riffaud, reference to a «Hitler lives» tagged on a panel in the open-air exhibition dedicated to her on the Little Belt, where she attacked a German train on August 20, 1944, her 20th birthday. Discovered this Tuesday, four panels have been degraded and have been removed. A police investigation has been opened, indicates the deputy mayor of the 19th arrondissement, Mahor Chiche. “We are not martyrs, we are combatants, we are not victims, we are resistance fighters.” “It took me thirty years to work to get this Prize and Madeleine got it from her first album… It’s too unfair”, Jean-David Morvan had fun, previously known in particular for his series Wake.

The “young screenwriter” prize was awarded to Raphaël Meltz (including Libé painted the portrait in September) and Louise Moaty, for Of the living. This fascinating album on the Musée de l’Homme network, with Simon Roussin’s drawings, is a daring and particularly successful narrative experiment. For the dialogues and texts, the authors only used words taken from letters, memoirs, or words recorded by the press or in trial reports of the time.

Madeleine resistant, the unpinning rose, by Madeleine Riffaud, Jean-David Morvan and Dominique Bertail, eds. Free area / Dupuis, 128pp., € 23.50.
Of the living by Raphaël Meltz, Louise Moaty and Simon Roussin, ed. 2024, 260pp., € 29.

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