News The Government advises the Generalitat that only Illa can...

The Government advises the Generalitat that only Illa can order total confinement in Igualada


The Government has warned this Thursday the Generalitat of Catalonia that only the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, can order the hardening of the confinement of Igualada and the entire Conca d’Òdena (Barcelona) so that it is total and has called “a more »to unity of action.

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez has responded in this way to the announcement of the Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch, that he will sign a resolution to toughen the confinement of Igualada and the entire Conca d’Òdena so that they can only go out to the street those who provide essential services.

He recalled that an order with these characteristics can only be given by the competent authority, in this case the Minister of Health, as delegated authority by virtue of the declaration of the state of alarm.

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“The Government of Spain is at all times following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and has adopted the most drastic measures in Europe and the most stringent worldwide to beat the coronavirus,” said the Executive in a statement.

Finally, it has appealed to the unity of action between the administrations and has reiterated its constant desire for coordination and collaboration with the autonomous communities in their fight against the pandemic.

Miquel Buch justified this Wednesday the need to toughen the confinement in Conca d’Òdena in the face of the high mortality that the coronavirus is causing in that area, since it reaches 63.1 deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants, compared to the average of 6 , 9 from Catalonia, 7.4 from the whole of Spain or 27.9 from Madrid and 41.6 from the Italian region of Lombardy. .


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