The Government claims to isolate the extreme right with a “sanitary cordon”

Protest by Rayo Vallecano fans over the presence of Abascal and Monasterio in the box during the match against Albacete

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Protest by Rayo Vallecano fans over the presence of Abascal and Monasterio in the box during the match against Albacete

A climate of maximum gravity permeates the electoral battle in Madrid, due to the death threats made against public officials and candidates from the left and the political reactions provoked by these intimidations. The Government thus opted to expand escort services to the main headliners and strengthen security protocols in the ministries.

The left-wing bloc made up of the PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos, for the first time aligned to block the way to Vox’s “fascism” and the “complicity” of the PP, displays a kind of unitary banner that recalls that of Madrid in 1936 : “Not pass!”. But already in the last Madrid elections, the far right could paraphrase Celia Gámez: “We have already passed!”. And the aspiring to re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, meanwhile turns a deaf ear and approaches 4-M ready to “destroy”, in turn closing the way to a reissue of the “socialcommunist” government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias . Alone or in the company of others, which could only be the extreme right in the face of the predicted debacle of Ciudadanos.


The Executive encourages the adoption of “coordinated measures” to veto the pacts with Vox

Sánchez himself set off the alarms on Sunday, warning that Vox poses “a real danger to democracy.” And the Government already demanded yesterday to all the parties to isolate the extreme right with a “sanitary cordon”, as in France or Germany. A message, however, whose only recipient is the PP.

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“No threat is going to roll back our democracy,” warned the government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero. And he called to isolate Vox with a “sanitary cordon”, just as the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, did the day before. “We must put a sanitary cordon to any political formation that makes incitement to hatred its catechism,” Montero demanded.


The PSOE sees it unnecessary to promote a written agreement to expose the PP

But he also reproached that “the PP tries to justify not making that sanitary cordon, because deep down it has the extreme right to shape its government.” Montero warned that the ultra-rightist formations “have a sanitary cordon in the whole of Europe even on the part of the conservative parties.” “It is convenient that coordinated and consensual measures be adopted by the political formations so that alliances do not occur with those who are in favor of hatred or express thoughts that directly incite threats, hatred and exclusion,” he claimed.

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In the PSOE, it seems ruled out, however, that an attempt is made to promote a written pact between parties to establish a sanitary cordon to Vox, in the manner of the one that the pro-independence formations signed in the 14-F campaign to veto the PSC. They argue that it would not be necessary for the parties of the left to sign it, since their rejection of the extreme right is explicit. But they also do not believe it is necessary to promote it to expose Ayuso: “It is not necessary, because it is evident that the PP protects Vox”. After the autonomic elections of 2019, the then candidate of Más Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, unsuccessfully proposed to the PSOE and Ciudadanos a pact to avoid a PP government supported by the extreme right.

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“Enjoy with it”

Ayuso redirects the shot at the leader of Podemos for “promoting violence and temporizing”

The PP, however, insisted yesterday on wielding the government’s own alliances. “When are they going to make a sanitary cordon to the heirs of ETA, to the coup leaders and to the independentistas?” Senator Ana Camins asked the vice president of the Executive, Carmen Calvo.

Ayuso, for his part, called on the PSOE to facilitate his inauguration after 4-M, if what he demands is that Vox is not necessary for his re-election: “If the left and the PSOE want so much that Vox does not come out, let them vote for me. my”. But the invitation fell on deaf ears. “Neither PP nor Vox. The only alternative to a government with Vox is a progressive government led by the PSOE ”, Gabilondo settled.

More fuel for the fire

Iglesias fuels controversy and warns that the King has not yet condemned “fascist violence”

The Madrilenian president redirected the shot: “The person who has encouraged and temporized the violence the most has been Pablo Iglesias, he enjoys it,” he warned. And he criticized the government turning the campaign’s death threats into “a circus”, generating, in his opinion, “an unnecessary alarm.” “The Government does not take it as a joke, it does not seem to him that it is necessary to joke about circuses. We are at risk neither more nor less than democracy itself, ”Montero replied.

And Pablo Iglesias, in turn, wanted to reopen another line of attack, in the heat of the controversy, at a rally in Getafe: “How is it possible that with real death threats verified by the Ministry of the Interior there has not yet been produced a single word from the Royal House condemning fascist violence? ”he wondered.

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