The government does not want punishment for small amounts of drugs

The proposal will be presented on Friday this week.

Previously, the drug reform committee has proposed threshold values ​​for drugs, ie how much one can be in possession of without being punished for it. Among other things, this was 5 grams for heroin, cocaine and amphetamine and 15 grams for cannabis.

VG , who states that he has spoken to a number of sources with knowledge of the proposal, writes that the government wants to set the limits lower than this.

The Substance Abuse Reform Committee will, as a substitute for punishment, have mandatory follow-up.

Here, the committee proposes no reactions against those who do not show up, but the government wants to introduce a fee for breach of the duty to attend, writes VG.

The proposal is presented by Minister of Education Guri Melby (V) and Minister of Health Bent Høie (H).

– Many decades of punishment regime has not worked. With the Liberal Party in government, drug addicts will get help, not punishment, said Melby, who also leads the Liberal Party, recently.

– This proposal will save lives. I hope the other parties in the Storting will support the reform and be on a team with reason and humane drug policy, instead of old moralism, she continued.

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