The government has “no lessons to receive on the balance of public accounts,” says Castex

“We have no lessons to receive on the issues of balancing public accounts” and “nothing would be worse” than “austerity”, Jean Castex stressed on Sunday, while the right-wing opposition castigates “the spending euphoria “of the 2022 budget.

“What are the experts telling us, even the most severe, I think of the IMF? That nothing would be worse while this health crisis is not over than to do as we did in the past to succeed the recovery. austerity, that would not work and our public finances would be even more weakened and degraded “, insisted the Prime Minister, guest of honor of the university of return of the Modem in Guidel, in Morbihan.

Budget of “recovery and investment”, priority to the sovereign: in the budget bill for 2022, the government is counting on strong growth to finance an increase in spending while starting to reduce the public deficit. The draft budget is based on a growth forecast of 6% for 2021 and 4% for 2022, one of the strongest economic recoveries in the euro zone, after one of the most massive recessions in Europe (-8% in 2020) .

“We must continue to invest, to work,” continued the head of government. “Not without some curiosity, I hear that the same” who explained “a little over a year ago” that “we were a small player with the stimulus plan”, we “reproach” today “for spending too much. Understand who can! ” launched Jean Castex.

During the presentation of the 2022 budget a few days ago, the right-wing opposition lambasted a “spending euphoria” in the pre-election period.

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