The government increases the already planned drain on Action Logement by 300 million euros

By Le Figaro with AFP

The government has decided to put even more contribution next year to the organization Action Logement (formerly 1% housing) by canceling the payment of compensation planned for nearly 300 million euros, we have learned from a government source, confirming information from Echos .

This sum promised to the social housing management body was intended to compensate for a shortfall to be expected due to a change in the rules setting the contribution of companies to its financing. This new drain on Action Logement’s funds next year will be added to that of one billion euros decided by the government in early September, criticized by Medef, which co-manages the organization with the other social partners, as well as by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee. On the government side, this demand for efforts from certain sectors is justified by the context of the crisis. “The cash flow, resources and reserves of Action Logement have greatly increased”, had argued the Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Wargon after the announcement of the puncture of a billion euros.

500 million euros in 2019

Created in 1953, the former 1% Logement, financed by a tax paid by companies, is not only a giant in social housing – it owns nearly a fifth of French low-rental housing – but also housing in general. And this is not the first time that the state has taken the agency off to finance public housing policy or tie up its budget. Last year, 500 million euros had come to fund the 2020 budget and when the government had reduced, at the beginning of 2019, the savings requested from the entire world of HLM, it had decided to compensate for the shortfall by a levy of some 300 million additional euros.


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