The Government maintains confidence in its strategy despite the omicron

In Spain, according to latest data from the Ministry of Health, published on November 26, 38,288,327 people had received at least one dose, the 90.9% of the target population (12 years or older), or 80.7% of the total population. In turn, 37,582,174 Spaniards already had the complete guideline, 89.2% of the population to be immunized (or 79.2% if the group of citizens is taken into account). A very high vaccination coverage, among the highest in Europe, but in which there is still room for improvement, as the Government insists and the data points out. 47.45 million people live in Spain, of which about 5.3 million are children from 0 to 11 years old, who for now have been excluded from punctures.

The vaccination rate has been buoyant in recent weeks. Very slowly, yes. In the last week, until last Friday, they registered 78,625 first injections of the covid vaccine. In the previous three weeks, the number of first punctures was 65,077, 61,564 and 65,423. What has grown significantly is the number of booster doses (third doses administered to people with high-risk conditions, people who live in residences, people over 70 years of age, and a booster shot to those inoculated with Janssen): between 19 and on November 26, 1,210,783 were injected. In the previous three weeks, the number was lower: 932,566, 905,346 and 657,492 punctures.

In this time, the cumulative incidence of the coronavirus has grown rapidly: there were 49.84 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days on October 29, four weeks ago, and last Friday it climbed to the 171.68 reported cases. The sixth wave of the covid, therefore, may have influenced, as well as the expansion of the obligation to covid passport to enter different establishments, ordered by different autonomous governments.

From Health they insist that vaccination is what will allow to continue saving lives and will also bring recovery, as it allows the virus to gain ground. That is why the president, Pedro Sánchez, last Saturday, from Burgos, where the 14th Autonomous Congress of the PSOE of Castilla y León was held, a few hours after the world alarm was awakened by the omicron variant, he redoubled his message: he asked ” responsibility “to citizens. “That we do what we have been doing throughout this time of the pandemic: responsibility and solidarity to vaccinate, to use the mask and thus defend our own health and the health of our compatriots. That is what we have to continue doing during all these months, “he maintained.

This Sunday, in Riga, the president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, pointed out that in the face of the “race against time” posed by the new lineage, we must “gain time“expediting vaccination and reducing contacts, reports EFE.


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