the government presents a “road map” on Tuesday

This roadmap aims to improve detection and treatment in an attempt to curb suicides in this profession.

The government is due to present a “roadmap” to improve the detection and care of farmers in distress, in the hope of curbing suicides in this profession.

This roadmap will be presented to the Ministry of Agriculture by the Ministers of Health, Olivier Véran, and of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, as well as by the Secretary of State for Pensions and Occupational Health. , Laurent Pietraszewski, said the executive Monday evening. From “Stakeholders” present will appear “Volunteers committed on a daily basis to farmers”, as well as director Édouard Bergeon. His film In the name of the earth, on the depression of a breeder caught in the spiral of over-indebtedness, had met with great success in theaters at the end of 2019 and put this subject on the front of the stage.

Prevention of farmer suicides

The government’s action plan has been awaited since December 2020 and the submission of a report by the majority deputy Olivier Damaisin on the prevention of farmer suicides. A report was also published in March 2021 by Senators Henri Cabanel (RDSE group) and Françoise Férat (Centrist Union). In the latter, elected officials felt that public policies were not up to the task of preventing suicides in the agricultural world.

Farmers have a higher risk of death by suicide than the general population. According to the most recent data from the agricultural social security (MSA), 529 suicides were counted in 2016 among the 1.6 million insured under the agricultural system aged at least 15 years (beneficiaries of farmers and agricultural employees included). Among MSA policyholders aged 15 to 64, the risk of suicide was 43.2% higher than that of policyholders in all social security schemes. Beyond 65 years, the risk of suicide was twice as high compared to the population of this age group.


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