The government specifies the contours of its extension

The government is planning a “running-in period” of limited duration, referring to “a week” or a little more, in order to “support professionals” in the implementation of the health pass, its spokesperson Gabriel announced on Monday. Attal.

“There is no desire to trap anyone”, he assured at the end of the Council of Ministers which adopted the bill imposing the health pass gradually from Wednesday.

Maintenance of the health pass in shopping centers

The government wants to maintain the obligation to present a health pass in certain shopping centers whose size will be defined by decree, taking into account the opinion of the Council of State on the subject, also announced Gabriel Attal.

“The pass may be required in shopping centers as soon as access to basic necessities is guaranteed throughout the territory,” he said. In its opinion, the Council of State saw it as “a disproportionate attack on freedoms”, in particular for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who will therefore have to be “tested very regularly” to access these centers.

From July 21, the health pass, either proof of a complete vaccination schedule, a negative PCR test, or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 less than 6 months old, will in fact be extended to all places of culture and recreation.

No compulsory isolation check between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.

There will be no control between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. of the compulsory 10-day isolation of people infected with Covid-19, added the government spokesperson.

This easing measure comes after the remarks of the Council of State on the bill adopted Monday in the Council of Ministers. The court had requested that the checks by the police should not take place “at night”.

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