Economy The Government will reduce from 35 to 20 the...

The Government will reduce from 35 to 20 the steps to access the PER and other economic news


1.-The Government will reduce from 35 to 20 those paid to access the agricultural subsidy. The second vice president and minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias, and the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, confirmed Friday to the union representatives of farmworkers in Andalusia and Extremadura that the Government will reduce 35 to 20 the necessary steps to receive the agricultural subsidy.

2.-Pablo Iglesias turns on the agrarian organizations by excluding them from the meeting with Work. New mess in the field. Late last night the Ministry of Labor decided to call the agrarian organizations from a meeting that they were going to hold both parties together with sector unions at the headquarters of the Ministry. The surprise, however, is that the unions were not called off and have ended up meeting at 10 in the morning with Yolanda Díaz … and Pablo Iglesias, where the Government has confirmed that it will reduce the number of staves to access the agricultural subsidy of 35 to 20. The presence of the second vice-president was not initially planned and coincided in time with the displacement of organizations, which today have shown their discomfort and disagreement with what happened.

3.-New protests by farmers collapse Spanish roads. Spanish farmers have returned to protest in the streets and have collapsed several roads in the country to ask for fairer prices. The mobilizations of today have had as main focus the city of Valencia, although there have also been more complaints in Catalonia and points of Andalusia. All require the Government to pursue the sale at a loss, in which, according to the main agricultural organizations, the large commercial areas incur, that the funds for insurance be extended, that crisis deposits be enabled, that phytosanitary and labor controls be required to exporting countries, and that the economic impact of trade agreements with third countries be studied.

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4.-This will affect the rise in commissions of many of the Spanish banks. Most of the large Spanish banks have tightened in 2020 the requirements to avoid commissions and on the other hand, some have also increased the amount of these charges. The law establishes that entities have had to notify these changes to their clients with a minimum of two months.

5.-Volkswagen offers 830 million to meet the demand of customers affected by Dieselgate. The Volkswagen group has offered to pay 830 million euros to resolve a class action lawsuit in Germany that includes more than 470,000 customers seeking compensation for their cars with engines manipulated in the dieselgate, said a spokesman for the automotive group. .


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