The governor ordered the establishment of an examination committee After the public deposited 100 million baht in the village bank, but could not withdraw.

The governor ordered the establishment of an examination committee After the public deposited 100 million baht in the village bank, but could not withdraw.

From the case of Mrs. Yupin Nakklom, a villager in Na Bua Subdistrict, Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok Province, along with a number of victims, brought a list of kite tails to submit a complaint to Mr. Athiptai Krairat, director of Phitsanulok Province Damrongtham Center. to ask the governor of Phitsanulok Check the facts “Village Bank according to royal initiative Na Bua Village Treasury Management Demonstration Center Because there are people who have deposited money in the area of ​​Nakhon Thai District for more than 100 million baht, but withdraw money cannot be used. Therefore, the complaint was filed on November 22, 2021 as proposed.

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The latest progress on November 25, 64 on the side of Mr. Ronnachai Chitwiset, governor of Phitsanulok province revealed that after learning from the Damrongtham Center therefore assigned to Mr. Sakchai Kunanuwat Chaidech The deputy governor is responsible A fact-checking committee was appointed. with Mr. Nisit Sawatdithep, Nakhon Thai District Chief, as the chairman After the election will proceed to take the exam. which has some information Waiting for the moment to take the exam Initially, the sheriff made a verbal report. This village bank has been in operation for more than 20 years. Its performance has responded well to the needs of people in the village and nearby villages. It is a source of funds for the people’s brothers and sisters. able to borrow for a career or when money is in short supply running the business well There is the confidence of the people who have deposited a lot of money near 100 million or more than 100 million baht.

The governor of Phitsanulok said that in the matter of complaints must go check Is there true corruption? If true, who takes action, which must be dealt with? I want to see it in parts The bank’s overall outlook remains strong and operates straightforwardly. Maybe some officials are corrupt. have to deal with that because the bank has been operating for more than 20 years and is strong enough It may be that the people who run the committee What might be the effect that causes a lack of confidence? Know that there are members of the House of Representatives giving this money to start. we have to keep it and still be able to have the people’s brothers and sisters to be relied upon Make people’s brothers know how to save and manage money know how to do business in terms of management convenient for people to borrow

The source said After people complained at the Damrongtham Center, it appeared that there was a community leader. which is influential and expansive have threatened and pressured the lodge to suspend publicity in the media and withdraw the complaint causing fear to the very complaint until widespread criticism that such local leaders How to get involved in complaints because the villagers have Need to withdraw money to use in everyday life but can’t withdraw only

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