The Granada student who achieved the perfect grade: “I needed to study Medicine”

“I even want to start classes.” Maria Villar Cabello (Granada, 2001) cannot hide his enthusiasm. In September he will begin his medical studies at the University of Granada (UGR) and he acknowledges that he is counting the days to start. His vocation comes from afar. “Since I was little I have liked it. Always ”, acknowledges Villar, who has had a reference in his mother – a doctor -.

This Granada-born woman finished her high school studies two years ago. He tried to enter medicine but could not. The cut-off mark for this grade is, year after year, one of the highest in Andalusia. Now, after taking a higher-degree training cycle in Dietetics in Granada, he has retaliated for the thorn then in spades. Thanks to his excellent record in Vocational Training and the magnificent marks in the two specific subjects to which he has taken – Biology and Chemistry – he has achieved an unbeatable 14, the highest possible mark for accessing university studies.

When he stayed away two years ago, he decided to do a vocational training cycle. “I did not want to study the same thing again,” he recalls about the options he considered then. Enrolled at the center Medac, where she has completed a cycle in Dietetics with which she is “very happy”. He closed his file with a 10. “By not entering with the Baccalaureate mark – which he studied at Agustinos – he had more desire to go for the highest mark” in FP. His objective was very clear. “I needed to do Medicine.” Another of his goals was to study in Granada. “I wanted to stay here.”

When she had the 14 in her hands, María admits that “she was freaking out … after two years of waiting. I even want to start classes, “he assures from the other end of the phone. He confesses that he has “good expectations” regarding his university studies and that his vocation has not suffered in the least from what happened during the year and a half that lasts. pandemic and of having seen in his house the effort that the profession of doctor supposes. “The truth is that I have more desire to study Medicine with Covid,” he says.

His great hobby is tennis. Train in Albolote and compete on weekends. He has even been able to find time to teach at a school. Follower of the Greek style of play Tsitsipas, she enjoys these days with the Olympic Games. “I really like sports”. So much so that Maria aims, in the future, to work in a hospital in something related to sports. Of course, the first thing is to go to a hospital. “I have it very clear.”

This Granada-born woman has entered one of the most demanding degrees in Andalusia through the front door. To study Medicine in Granada it was necessary to have at least 13,580 in the first award, a score available to very few that requires a great effort in the year of preparation of the Pevau. In these last two courses, in addition, the daily life of the students has been marked by the pandemic.

If the evolution of the Covid does not prevent it, María Villar will begin her university career on September 13 in person. Another student, the Almerian René WardrobeHe has also enrolled at the UGR –in this case in the Pharmacy degree– with an excellent 14 mark for access. There were four students with the highest grade who pre-registered at the UGR to begin their undergraduate studies, although two have finally enrolled.


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