The great awkwardness

Either a very silly guy from the PSOE or a very smart one from Podemos has messed it up. The pact signed with Bildu has managed to divide the Council of Ministers, irritate the barons of the party, excite the businessmen, scare away the parliamentary partners, give ammunition to the right, alarm the European Commission and enrage the editorialist of El País. Everything in one go. Sánchez grows dwarfs while Iglesias weaves the speech that will allow him to claim himself as the shield of the weak when the government coalition, driven by the policy of adjustments that will impose the severity of the crisis, jumps through the air. Someone should tell the Prime Minister that he is sleeping with his enemy.

If clumsy, nocturnal and frightening has been the move, clumsier has been the argument used to excuse it. There were hours before the vote for the fifth extension of the state of alarm and in the socialist parliamentary group they were not sure of having the necessary support to carry it out. ERC demanded that a date be set for the dialogue table so as not to vote against it, and Ciudadanos, scalded by Sánchez’s recent lack of loyalty to Arrimadas, took too long to strip the daisy. Without the support of the centrists, the Government could only guarantee 164 votes. At full speed, with canaries, Cantabrians and Teruel in the same bag, 167. Against, 168.

Almost on the horn, Moncloa ordered to negotiate Bildu’s abstention. Sánchez ate with potatoes, once again, the word that he solemnized in the month of June: «If you want, I will tell you five or twenty times: with Bildu we are not going to agree. With Bildu, I repeat, we are not going to agree. The vertigo of losing the vote, and consequently the control of the single command during the process of attenuating the state of alarm, made the president accept the advice of Churches, endorsed by Iván Redondo, to ask Arnaldo Otegui for help. The only caution was that the content of the agreement was not released until after the vote so as not to scare the PNV or spoil the approach to Citizens.

In other words, it was all the result of a last-minute improvisation caused by the government’s inability to assemble a solid majority on time. It is good to know. See if the fine analysts who speak of the eggheads of power as if they were Metternich’s disciples find out that they really have no idea where the air is coming from. By pissing off the partners who took the chestnuts out of the fire fifteen days ago they have turned the bread for today into hunger for tomorrow. With this background, who will be the bastard who supports the sixth extension in two weeks? Neither PNV nor Ciudadanos come out of this tricky skirmish too motivated.

That Sánchez has given Bildu the electoral trick of scoring both the preferential treatment to the municipalities of Euskadi and Navarra on the eve of the July 12 regional elections is something that the Basque Lehendakari neither understands nor forgives. In the best of cases, Sánchez has managed to multiply by ten the price of the next barter. He has also left Ciudadanos with his ass in the air. Edmundo Bal told us all that his support separated the PSOE from the path of independence complicity and, look where, if you don’t want rice, take two cups: Catalan separatism is joined by the Basque. Will he still be a useful fool after that shot?

Readers of crime novels know that in order to discover the author of a crime, it is convenient to look for the most benefited. And given that Sánchez’s botch does not benefit him at all, on the contrary, the payroll of suspects is reduced to a single name: that of Pablo Iglesias. He knows that the coalition with the PSOE, sooner or later, is doomed to rupture and that Brussels has already ‘put a price on its head. Skewer of omelette and sugar cane that his plan is to become the martyr of the powerful. With this maneuver he has begun to prepare his alibi. .

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