The great prize of the kitchen: Santiago defeated Julián and became champion of champions

Santiago beat Julian and champion of the ninth season of The great prize of the kitchen, edition that brought together the winners of the past editions.

For the grand finale, they both designed their own menu. Julian presented at 15 minutes with smoked salmon brulee; at 25, a skewer of prawns, mango and couscous; at 45, salmon en croute with pea puree; and at 65, pavlova with passion fruit and fruits.

For its part, Santiago delivered at 15 minutes scallop in avocado mousse; at 25, goat cheese in mass; at 45, dry aged beef eye with gremolata and vegetables; and at 65, filo dough with ganache and fruits.

Before Carina Zampini announce the champion, Felicitas Pizarro, president of the jury who also make up Mauricio Asta Y Christian Petersen, said that “the decision was divided.” “It was not unanimous, it was 2 to 1,” he stressed.

“It was the most difficult and tight final, we congratulate them very much. They are two great cooks who break it ”, he added Feli Pizarro.

Then Zampini announced the winner of the cup and the 400,000 pesos. “The chef who in this ninth season becomes champion of champions is Santiago”, He communicated.

“Come on!” He exclaimed Santi repeatedly, unleashing his emotion.

Santiago champion of The great kitchen prize (Photo eltrece)


Carina Zampini shocked this Monday with the look he chose for the final of Champions of The great prize of the kitchen.

The driver he showed off in the presentation of the last stage of the ninth season of the cooking reality, in a grand final between the last two participants remaining in the race: Julián Tiberio, winner of the fourth edition of the contest, and Santiago Albornoz, champion in the fifth.

For this closing program of the Wheel of Champions, Carina decided to wear a pink jumpsuit tight to the body without sleeves and with a pronounced neckline, which caused a sensation among all present.

“Good afternoon, welcome to The great prize of the kitchen! The day arrived, the grand finale of this ninth season of Champions arrived. It is an unmissable final. As you will see, I am alone, Juan is not accompanying me today, he was in contact, sharing a space with a person who tested positive for Covid”, He began by stating the driver.

And he continued: “I’m with them, with the finalists of this ninth season, Julián and Santiago. How are you, cooks? ”, I introduce you.

Happy and anxious, not nervousJulián replied.

After a semifinal that consisted of four days, which left Matías out of the competition, so, between you, today, after this hand-to-hand duel, it will be defined who is consecrated as the first two-time champion of The great prize of the kitchen. Doesn’t that make you nervous? They do not care?”, He wanted to know Carina, while the participants laughed, tense.

And I add: “I want you to know, who are in your houses, that before starting, you were all shouting and clapping and celebrating as you take out the energy, the adrenaline, you are going to start calmly in the kitchens“, Hill Zampini.

The great prize of the kitchen.  Photo: eltrece

The great prize of the kitchen. Photo: eltrece


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