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The Greek Orthodox Church torn between pro and anti-vaccines

A particularly influential player in Greek society, the Orthodox Church is struggling to get its members vaccinated against Covid-19. Worse, many clergymen are campaigning against an alleged evil poison, worries this journalist from the Athens daily I Kathimerini.

One after the other, the nuns of the Convent of the Annunciation, in Ormylia, Chalkidiki, went to the hospital to be vaccinated against the Covid. The same goes for the nuns of the monastery of Agios Ioannis, in Souroti, vaccinated in a hospital in Thessaloniki.

They have now locked the doors of their monasteries to the Covid-19 “curse”, adding to the prayer scientific knowledge, which, as they say, “Is a gift from God”.

These two largest convents in the country, with 120 and 62 nuns respectively, are perhaps shining examples, but they do not reflect the vaccination status of the galaxy of monasteries in the country, where a “jihad” against the vaccine is taking place. is rooted in the secular society of believers.

Monasteries hotbeds of contagion

Information circulates with difficulty. The outside world only learns of the vulnerability of those who, in the name of God, try to protect themselves and their flock from the deadly pandemic if they have to be hospitalized outside a monastery to be saved by science.

Seven nuns from a Meteora convent were treated for Covid-19 in a hospital in Larissa. Twenty-five of the 37 nuns of the Thessaly convent fell ill and their superior died.

Sixteen of the 25 nuns from the Agios Nektarios-Agia Triada shrine in Aegina fell ill and a nun from the Assumption Monastery in Makri in Evros ended up in the hospital in Alexandroupolis, while many more have tested positive for the virus.

Convents are obviously not the only establishments affected by the Covid-19, Mount Athos [réservé aux hommes, et qui rassemble 20 monastères] alone has 8 deaths among the monks and around 400


Stavros Tzimas

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