The groom missed the wedding… Thus, the bride completed the “lifetime night”!

An American bride spent her wedding night dancing with something that looked like her husband but not him.

And in the details reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Thursday, that the bride, Christine Karmayer, only found a mannequin with a picture of her groom in order to dance with him on the night of life.

The groom, Ganon Karmayer, was preparing to participate in his wedding, but he was severely poisoned as a result of eating spoiled food, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital.

A wedding hall in Youngsville, North Carolina, USA, shared a video on the “Tik Tok” application for short videos, in which the bride appeared in her white dress, and she was dancing with a mannequin (model of clothing display) and an iPad replaced the head of the anthropomorphic and on it was the image of the groom. absentee.

And the hall wrote, commenting on the video: “When the groom suddenly falls ill and is taken to the hospital on his wedding day.”

But fortunately, the groom’s health improved later, but he missed the party of a lifetime.

Source: Sky News

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