The gulf with electricity and plastic

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Dhe Golf of the electric age should become the model ID 3 for Volkswagen. If you order now, you should get it this year, the first delivery is scheduled for October. VW no longer got one or two functions from the digital world ready in time, they should be imported later via software update. You may have to get used to such processes. After all, the ID 3 drives. The production model was now available for a first test drive.

Holger Apple

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Three versions are planned with a 45, 58 or 77 kWh battery, the electric motor delivers 150 or 204 hp and 310 Newton meters of torque, at least 35,575 euros. Initially, only the around 3,500 euros more expensive 1st Edition with 204 hp and 58 kWh battery will be delivered, there are four colors to choose from and three equipment packages.

With the 1.8-ton vehicle, the rear-seated and driving electric machine has remarkably easy play, the ID 3 feels handy. Its forward thrust up to a top speed of 160 km / h is as emphatic as it is harmonious, and the chassis successfully ensures comfort. The throttle response is not as jagged as in the Mini E, which should suit the clientele.

There is plenty of space in the interior of the 4.26 meter ID 3, both at the front and rear.

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With the smooth-running steering, curves can be controlled precisely, the body staggering at a brisk pace, but always remains manageable. Low external noise is important in the electric car, here VW has done a good job. After our first round around Hanover, we suspect that of the 420 kilometers notified according to the standard, 350 are possible in everyday life until a charging station must be sought, which can fill up to 125 kW.

There is plenty of space in the interior of the 4.26 meter ID 3, both at the front and rear, and there are numerous shelves. The seating position for the steering wheel and pedals fits well. However, the seats are less comfortable than in the Golf, and what VW affords in the interior is a weak piece. Hard plastic, as far as the eye and fingers can reach, gear shift and speedometer like from the Kosmos spray kit, a ramshackle plastic button for mirror adjustment, disappointing. You can see the ID 3 everywhere, under what cost pressure it was created. If that works out? We would not yet write off the more lovingly made Golf.



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