The Hague is taking additional measures to prevent nuisance on hot beach days

The Municipality of The Hague is taking more measures with a view to the coming warm days, when crowds on the beaches are expected. Additional enforcers are deployed at Scheveningen and along the entire coast of The Hague, the municipality is removing the wheel clamp for stable parking customers.

“We do this to set limits,” said Deputy Mayor Hilbert Bredemeijer. “We are a welcoming seaside resort, but that should not be a license to violate rules deliberately.” According to the municipality, Scheveningen in particular experiences a few moments of busy times every year, and the seaside resort is somewhat used to it. ‘What makes this year different is corona. Not only will the corona measures remain in force, but this year more Dutch people will also be holidaying in their own country and more tourists from neighboring countries will find the highway to the Hague coast. ‘

Residents of Scheveningen have been complaining about s for a whilestreet races, use of laughing gas and noise nuisance. Twenty enforcers will be deployed in the resort alone, three times more than usual.

“Don’t drive to the coast”

From the mornings, the municipality will also deploy fifty traffic controllers at traffic points and parking garages, extra bicycle coaches at arrival points and bicycle and scooter parking facilities, plus extra hosts on the boulevard. In doing so, it is emphatically supervised to keep passageways open for emergency services.

The measures are accompanied by the call not to drive the car to the coast in the coming days. People are ‘urged’ to park their vehicles in the parking lots on the city edges or parking garages in the city and to come to the beach by public transport or a shared bicycle or shared scooter, so that they do not have to sit in a hot car for hours. ‘Conscious travel is part of a beautiful beach day,’ says Bredemeijer.

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