The Haitian Government accuses the arrested judge of attempting to carry out a “coup”

Police control protests in Haiti against Jovenel Moise

The Haitian government accused the judge of the Court of Cassation this Sunday Ivickel Dabrésil de try to carry out a “coup” against President Jovenel Moise. “The judge has made a plot to carry out a coup to destabilize the country,” Justice Minister Rockefeller Vincent said at a press conference with Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and other authorities.

President Moise announced this Sunday the arrest of the judge, among 23 others, suspected of conspiring against him. At the time of his arrest, on Saturday, the judge was in possession of pistols, submachine guns and other firearms, according to the Justice Minister, calling the group of those arrested as “terrorists” and “criminals.” Among those arrested is also the Inspector General of the Police, Marie Louise Gauthier, one of the highest level officials of this security body.

The arrests occur coinciding with the date on which the opposition claims that Moise’s term ends, who instead defends that his five-year term ends on February 7, 2022. Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe reiterated this Sunday, during the press conference, that Moise’s mandate will expire in exactly one year, in this same date in 2022.

The opposition announced in recent days that it intended to give the interim presidency to a judge of the Court of Cassation, once they managed to get Moise to resign from power. Among the judges cited by the opposition to run the country on an interim basis was Ivickel Dabrésil.

For try to force moise to resign, the opposition has called a protest this Sunday, which is currently taking place in Port-au-Prince. The Haitian opposition, the bishops and other various sectors such as the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CPJ), have expressed that President Moise must leave power on February 7, supported by an article of the Constitution.

This Sunday, CPJ expressed feeling “extremely concerned about the serious threats resulting from the lack of a political agreement before the expiration of the constitutional mandate of the president, “whom he urges to” apply for himself “article 134.2 of the Haitian Constitution.


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