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Reporter Cai Houxuan / comprehensive report

▲Kai Havertz, who scored twice, was selected as the single MVP, but Germany’s early elimination made it impossible for him to win the award. (Picture / Recap from FIFA Twitter)

The 23-year-old German striker Kai Havertz, who has a dazzling appearance and caused a lot of topics, scored twice in the 2022 Qatar World Cup against Costa Rica in the early morning of the 2nd, leading the team to 4: 2 defeated their opponents. However, although the German team won the game, the Japanese team in another place defeated Spain. The German team, which has won 4 championships in team history, was declared out of the group stage for 2 consecutive times. Hafetz, who was selected as the MVP of a single game , After the game, I couldn’t laugh at all, and my expression was soulless.

Hafetz, who played as a starter in the first two games of the group stage, did not come on as a substitute for Thomas Mueller until the 67th minute of the second half in the final match against Upper Costa Rica, but he immediately came on in the 73rd and 85th minutes. He scored 2 goals in a row, which also helped Germany from a 1:2 deficit to a 3:2 lead. After Germany won the game, Hafetz, who led the team to reverse, was also selected as the MVP of the single game. However, because Japan defeated Spain in another place, let Germany was eliminated miserably. Hafetz couldn’t laugh at all when he was awarded the MVP trophy. He apologized frequently to the German fans who supported them, “I’m sorry we let you down in the World Cup again. I can only apologize to you and hope that we will Can do better.”

Hafetz said in a joint interview after the game, “We noticed that the Japanese team was ahead during the game, and then the ranking was displayed on the big screen in the stadium. At first, we had a glimmer of hope that Spain could score again, but then we also saw that. The game is over.” Hafetz bluntly said that although Germany was out in the end not because of the loss, but the reversal of the first game against Japan was the key to the early packing of the group stage this time.

“Honestly speaking, with our lineup, we will never lose to Japan, but the game against Japan destroyed everything. At that time, when we were leading 1:0, we didn’t do a lot of things. Of course, no one expected it. In the end it will bring such a result, but we can only blame ourselves, it is unacceptable for Japan to score 2 goals in 15 minutes,” Hafetz said. Having been eliminated in the group stage, we are no longer a big team.”

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