The harsh story of two women victims of a brutal attack

It is very likely that the employer-employee relationship of Dalila Peñaranda Fairuth and Carmen Pérez Monterrosa will never be the same again.

The nine cordial months that they had shared since Carmen – or Carmencita, as her boss calls her affectionately – came to work at the pediatrician’s house, do not overshadow the brutal aggression that ended up uniting them in a protective friendship. Perhaps unshakable, as well as her strength.

This was evident this Monday, when both women, Dalila, 37, and Carmen, 20 years older, arrived at Forensic Medicine to be evaluated for the injuries that resulted shortly before midnight on Friday, September 4, when neighbors They were beaten on the 10th floor of the La Ría building after the pediatrician, in the company of the police, asked them to turn down the music.

Delilah went in first, because the search warrant for Carmen was not ready. Therefore, she had to wait outside the building for the woman who had hired her as a domestic worker to help her apply for the exams.

It was the first time I had visited him, Carmen said. Never, in her entire life, in the long years she has been working in family homes, had she had to go to file a complaint before starting the day’s work, much less had she been beaten like that.

“I have not been able to overcome it until now, because the truth is that if the police officer had not protected my boss, they would have killed her. I thank God that the policeman could protect her because otherwise I would not be with her today, ”Carmen said, with tears in her eyes. It hurt to remember. It hurt her to know that this had happened to her, she said.

That Friday, from the pediatrician’s apartment, both women listened to live salsas, vallenatos and even rancheras, played by a group of mariachis that they had brought to the party in the neighboring apartment, where Martín Parra and Fanny Franco reside with their daughter. . It was not something unusual and, tired, Delilah went to say “no more.”

It was a repeated request, so the woman requested the presence of the Police and the quadrant patrol arrived at the property located at Carrera 47 number 102-170, Villa Santos neighborhood, north of Barranquilla.

“When I get to the door from where Martín Parra, I identify the party, I ask him to turn down the volume, he ignores it (…) His wife, Fanny, began to insult me. I defended myself and at that moment she physically attacked me and I ran away, and the mob of people came after me, ”Dalila said.

One of the men, who was later identified as Jalim Rebaje, punched the pediatrician in the face, who did not even have time to react because, from the corner, another woman rushed him and pulled his hair while he was beat.

Both women fell to the ground as more people entered the scene.

Carmen, from her room, did not listen much, especially because the music was still loud. What he did hear clearly were the barking of the dog.

“I said: Why is the dog barking like this? I left my room and when I got to the living room I saw that the front door was open and I went to the hall. Then, I saw that the policeman brings my boss and all those people come after. One of them pushes me because I went to help the doctor, that’s when I fall to the floor and he kicks me in the face, in the leg and in the abdomen, ”said Carmen.

By that time, Delilah was already badly beaten and the intervention of the policeman was not enough to prevent more blows. Therefore, being near their apartment, both women flee inside it.

“Then they slapped my boss, but they gave it to me, from the same side where they had hit me. So, I close the door and they knock it down and come in, but the policeman who was with us and Mr. Martín took them out, ”continued Carmen, who had the words on Monday that her employer – still shocked – could not pronounce.


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