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Neither the fitfluencers nor the e-training platforms are new. In our country, the movement of the domestic gymnasium, like the religion of the postcovid welfare, was born around 2013, with the popularization of sports techniques like HIIT, Insanity and training worksl, as well as the wave of the fitmoms (sports lovers who still train during their gestation).

Those practices put in the eye of exercise lovers several women who gridded social networks with physical activity routines and recipes to join the wellness movement, without leaving home, without giving up their jobs or sacrificing time with their children. Today, with containers of detergents, rags, brooms, books and toned bodies, they continue their evangelizing crusade of #entrenoencasa.

Daniela Mor

Anthropologist and athlete (she practiced Olympic gymnastics, swimming, basketball, soccer, mountain biking and found her passion in running, being a coach of the Nike firm), Daniela is a personal trainer specialized in indoor cycling, Pilates and biomechanical and technical analysis for runners. With the birth of his two daughters, he became known on social networks for his routines for fit moms.

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“I grew up listening to my father, a cardiologist, saying that if people took care of their health, body and diet and followed an active life, more than 60 percent of patients would not come to his office,” says Daniela, whose plans for free runner training and his routines with chairs used as parallel bars summon 11,500 athletes at @ daniela.mor.

Your essentials at home? Elastic bands. “They can be replaced by bicycle tires or with a pashmina,” says the coach, who has seen the home wellness paradigm as a plus for athletes. “They are badly used to training is just going for a run. The running of the bulls gave them the opportunity to do what they never do: prepare the body for volume and the intensity of long runs. They can work at home with running technique and muscle strengthening. Although now they see it as a time when they are “deteriorating”, the performance will skyrocket and reduce the risk of injury, “explains the coach.

Ibón Palacio promotes clean eating.

Ibón Palacio

Created by her son, proud to see her on the podiums of the fitness tournaments in which she competed as a bikini for 10 years, Ibón Palacio’s @ ibon.naturalfitness account motivates bodybuilders to compete anabolic-free. “I was a bikini because it touched me.

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When I started competing in Canada, there was no wellness category, ideal for my body (I have voluptuous buttocks and legs); Being a bikini involved years of strict diets. I was always short-tempered, hungry and tired, ”says the country that these days in Canada continues its preparation to debut in the wellness category, moving its more than 22,000 pupils to publish their routines at home and follow healthy lifestyles.

“I don’t know if I want to go back to the gym. I am happy training at home; I rest, I dedicate more time to my routine and I don’t worry about combining tennis with the trusa. I do cardio in my pajamas! ”Says the athlete.

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Your essentials at home? Clean food. Although her arroba was more motivating for women, regardless of age (she is 44 years old), they were encouraged to exercise and not go to the scalpel or chemical substances, the confinement motivated the athlete to include ideas to enter a true wave of well-being at home.

“I share tips on non-restrictive and clean food. I teach to manage the body, to use resistance bands, balls or a simple loop to jump and work the body at home; This works more than lifting weights, running the risk of injury, “he says.

Monica Lena

Monica Lena trains with her daughters and teaches her followers to be practical at home.

Monica Lena Del Vecchio

The perfect trinomial of mind, exercise and emotions is in the feed of the industrial engineer Mónica Lena Del Vecchio, who since 2013 in @monicalenadelvecchio shares her tips for raising and training.

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“When I returned to the gym after my second delivery I couldn’t do a single exercise; I felt that I had lost everything accomplished. I did online postpartum training courses and discovered functional training and HIIT, which got me hooked for their efficiency –I don’t think I should be sweating for two hours to see results–”Says Monica, who has been certified in pregnancy training, working with kettlebells and brain reprogramming with Joe Dispenza.

“The invitation is to stop associating the healthy with the restriction and not to use the lack of elements as an excuse to be inactive,” says Mónica, who in addition to making her daughters her weights, uses her pantry to strengthen her community #hiitwithme, of 50,000 followers.

Your essentials at home? Her body. “When I want to give the body extra effort, I do it with gallons of water or I fill a suitcase with grains; I use the vinegar and softener jugs with the handle for upper body exercises. With the ball I work on coordination and with the chairs I strengthen my leg and gluteus and I do push ups (push-ups); I use a bench to do step ups; the broomstick is my bar, “says Monica.

Alejandra Náder

Alejandra Náder, her means of communication focuses on her self-learning about health.

Alejandra Náder

Not depending on a machine or a place and not promoting a diet or a philosophy inspire the nearly 43 thousand followers of Alejandra Náder, the visual artist who makes well-being a true art in which there are no aesthetic standards, only intuition and self-pity.

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Eating always seduced her by descending from Arabs – hence her arroba, nammura, a traditional dessert on the Lebanese stove -, as well as exercise as active meditation. Therefore, she became certified as a personal trainer and holistic coach and in 2013 she created @nammura, her means of communication about her self-learning about health.

“I don’t support a current, I just live. I oppose those who promote a supposed healthy lifestyle through ‘perfect’ photos, “says Alejandra, whose transparency is her viral charm, in addition to your bodyweight routines (sometimes barefoot or without mat) and the abundance of their dishes in which rice, arepa and ghee are religion.

Your essential at home? Detachment. “They tell me to take my routines to Instagram TV, but I don’t know how to do it and I don’t want to learn. I speak and share spontaneously what I am not lazy to do and I am not very proactive; my desire is to live with what there is and detach myself. I could not be an influencer, it bothers me that they send me things and feel that I owe something, that I have the commitment to ‘post them’. What I like I show, how to eat arepa daily and do half an hour of exercise, “says Alejandra.



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