the hassle of making appointments for the vaccination of over 75s

TESTIMONIALS – Since January 14, it is theoretically possible for people over 75 years old outside EHPAD to register in order to be vaccinated against Covid-19. What was supposed to be just a formality turned into a puzzle.

The date had been checked off in the calendars. It was January 14 in the morning that the reservations opened to access the sesame of vaccination in France for over 75 years not living in EHPAD.

While it was possible to do so by phone, many preferred to connect to the santé.fr site… which was very quickly closed. This is what happened to Geneviève, 72, who lives in Montpellier and wanted to make an appointment for her husband. “The santé.fr site was not working at all »She tells us annoyed. Same disappointment for Anne, 80, who lives on the 15thth arrondissement of Paris and wanted to find a niche for her and her husband: “ I spent the morning there without taking a slot, she fumed. At first, it was impossible to access the santé.fr site despite several attempts. I then called the Bichat hospital and the Pitié Salpêtrière who directed me to the town hall of the 15th district, where I never managed to reach anyone except a telephone record. ».

These two women therefore turned to Doctolib, and the galley continued. “ I logged in around 9am and had to wait an hour for the system to work. Some of our friends waited more than two hours », Explains Geneviève. If a date has finally been set for a vaccination, it is only in two weeks. “ My daughter thinks it’s too long, I find it reasonable She said magnanimously. Anne was even less fortunate. When she logged in, the site never offered her “ only very distant centers in the north of Paris, she explains, while the 15th arrondissement is still a very populated district, it’s incredible, I’m not going to travel that far!For the moment, she has given up. Next door, her husband is having fun: “ It’s a competition with her friends, the first to get a date! “. This couple of octogenarians, who wish to reconnect with a normal social life, find that this failure is one too many.

«I moved but the center was closed»

To avoid these pitfalls, some had tried to get ahead. Jeanine, 82, a former pharmacist living in Paris has tried in vain to make an appointment since Tuesday. “ The santé.fr site gave the telephone numbers of different centers but none answered, she explains. I even went to Necker hospital and I finally found the Covid vaccination center deep in the buildings in the middle of the Samu trucks. But it was closed … We were about ten to introduce ourselves, but we were all ejected ».

«I wanted to make an appointment before the rush because the sooner I am immune, the better. Especially since it takes six weeks before the second dose », She explains, very informed. But, philosopher, she says she is neither annoyed nor angry and assures “ take a step back ».

For others, the solution came unexpectedly. This is the case for Noëlle and Gabriel, 83 and 88 years old, from Vénéjan, in the Gard. After going to santé.fr « where you couldn’t click on anything at all », They turn to Doctolib, without more success. Determined, Noëlle then took her car to see her pharmacist in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the nearest town. “ He knew even less than I did, she laments, he didn’t even know that we were going to have a national number to register! The situation seemed hopeless. Then miracle in the afternoon, it is the town hall of his village who called them to tell them that everything would be organized soon. “ The town hall draws up the lists of those who want to be vaccinated and will summon us from January 18 », Gabriel slips finally satisfied.

More cautious, or else for lack of information, some have not yet tried to make an appointment. Thus, Henri and his wife, in the Toulouse region, have not yet undertaken anything. “We are awaiting the speech of Jean Castex this evening, to have information “. Just like Yannick, 78, who had gone looking for a number the previous days, without success. “It was marked that information would be given from today. So I will try again this evening. Everyone hopes that the situation will quickly become fluid.


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