The Hauts Plateaux, the spectacle of Mathurin Bolze, has the beauty of the devil

The trampolinist’s show convinces more by its acrobatic prowess than by its ecological purpose.

Les Hauts Plateaux, Mathurin Bolze's last play.
The Highlands, the last play by Mathurin Bolze. Brice Robert

He always wanted height, Mathurin Bolze. Normal for a trampolinist. Years that he rubbed shoulders with momentum, fall and rebound. It makes him want to change the world. Otherwise, this child from the National Circus Arts Center will at least have changed the face of the show with a trampoline. His last play, baptized The Highlands, possesses the beauty of the devil. The device gives in a sophistication that the artist explains never having experienced. Two trampolines arranged in a T in front of a video screen. One of the two can rise to take the slope, the other remaining horizontal and, behind, the immense, vertical space of the stage wall.

At the Bobigny MC93 (Seine-Saint-Denis), it is so high that we could accommodate the sky. A ladder makes its appearance there during the show. Artists climb in Chinese shadow. The ladder folds into an aerial frame allowing other figures. So, The Highlands set out to conquer the heavens. A real breath of fresh air

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