The head of Congress asked the immediate resignation of the president of Peru Manuel Merino

The president of the congress, Luis Valdez, placing the presidential sash on the new president of Peru, Manuel Merino

The president of the Congress of Peru, Luis Valdez, requested this Saturday the resignation of Manuel Merino to the presidency of Peru before the Legislature meets to evaluate his dismissal.

“Tomorrow (Sunday) we have to evaluate him at the spokesmen’s meeting, but I ask Mr. Merino to evaluate his immediate resignation”Valdez stated in the Canal N from local television.

That way The president of Congress joined the massive requests that the main politicians and candidates for the Peruvian presidency have already made after the government’s violent repression against citizen demonstrations, which this Saturday left at least two dead and many injured.

In a statement released on the Congress Twitter account, the meeting of the board of directors was reported for this Sunday at 08:00 local time to discuss Merino’s succession.

Luis Valdez, sworn in as president of the Peruvian Congress

Luis Valdez, sworn in as president of the Peruvian Congress

“We must make a major decision, tomorrow (Sunday) election of a new board of directors for a constitutional succession”Valdez added.

A group of protesters and agents of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) clash tonight in the middle of the second national march against the presidency of Manuel Merino. The citizens tried to reach the Congress of the nation but were intercepted by a large number of police officers, who had fenced off the area.

The head of Congress, Luis Valdez and the president of Peru, Manuel Merino

The head of Congress, Luis Valdez and the president of Peru, Manuel Merino

So far, an exact number of injured and detained is not known, however several local media have reported abuses by the security forces.

In this situation the police used tear gas canisters to disperse the youth, some of the limes tried to urge calm to avoid more confrontations and continue the march. Police officers have formed a line along the entire Abancay avenue in Lima to prevent the protesters from crossing. However, the use of bombs, among other objects such as rockets, continues by state forces, which are returned by the protesters.

Aid personnel also arrived at the scene to attend to citizens affected by tear gas. Meanwhile, a representative of the Ombudsman’s Office, Percy Castillo, indicated that this confrontation has left at least one young woman injured, who was treated by medical personnel. Given this, the official has demanded not to use these tear gas bombs.

“(Our staff) have reported tear gas fires which have caused a young woman to end up injured, but the use of tear gas and the use of pellets continues, which we are verifying. Our staff have also been affected by gas, if there has been no motivation, there is no justification for tear gas. It is a demand of the ombudsman ”, stated the officer.

Members of civil society assure that the number of injured is higher than what the police say, however an exact figure is unknown.

Protesters in the streets of Lima demand the departure of President Manuel Merino

Protesters in the streets of Lima demand the departure of President Manuel Merino

Meanwhile, the newspaper Trade of Peru, has denounced four cases of people who were in the march last Thursday, November 12, who they received impacts from glass spheres on their bodies (marbles) as if they were bullets. The Homicide Investigation Division of the Dirincri investigates these events. One of them is related to the photographer Alonso Chero, from Trade, who was wounded with this projectile while doing his job covering the demonstration against Manuel Merino on Av. Abancay.

Shooting marbles as projectiles is not allowed by the PNP. According to their own procedures, officers are authorized to use only tear gas and 12mm caliber shotguns loaded with rubber pellets as non-lethal weapons to control the demonstrations. However, General PNP Vicente Tiburcio, head of the Dirincri, told Trade who are investigating how these objects ended up on the bodies of the photographer and three protesters. To the four of them, these marbles had to be removed through an emergency surgical operation.

The Organization of American States (OAS) will send a mission to Peru next week at the request of the new Peruvian government given the situation of social tension in the country after the removal of former president Martín Vizcarra last Monday in a motion of censure.


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