The head of NVIDIA explained that artificial intelligence will reshape the labor market in a fundamental way

2023-05-29 03:11:00

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Speaking to the alumni of National Taiwan University, NVIDIA CEO and Founder Jensen Huang emphasized that it will not be artificial intelligence per se that will deprive people of their jobs, but other people who will be able to handle it. Those who fail to adapt to the new conditions in the labor market will be left behind, this trend will threaten entire companies.

Image Source: NVIDIA

“Agile companies will be able to reap the benefits of AI by strengthening their position. Those who fail to do so will disappear.” — emphatically declared Jensen Huang. Technology like ChatGPT will empower employees in a range of industries, with new jobs emerging and some existing ones disappearing, he says.

The head of NVIDIA inspired the graduates with the following words: “For 40 years, we have created the PC, the Internet, mobile devices, cloud computing, and now we have ushered in the era of AI. What will you create? Whatever it is, pursue your goal by running, as we do, and do not walk. You either run for food, or you run away so you don’t become food.”.

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