The health benefits of chess

The health benefits of chess

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The health benefits of chess

Chess is a fairly ancient sport dating back hundreds of years and that has become fashionable again, thanks to the enormous success of the fiction series ‘Lady’s Gambit’. Although it is a sport in which there has always been a hobby, the truth is that in recent years it has gone into the background due to the boom in electronic devices and the internet.

Many children have hardly heard of a sport like chess. It is a sport with enormous benefits for the brain and general health that children should know about.

The benefits of playing chess

All the experts agree when it comes to stating that chess it is a really beneficial activity for the brain. As for some of the benefits that chess brings to the Health, the following must be indicated:

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  • It is a sport that helps to use memory.
  • It demands paying attention at all times.
  • Helps strengthen concentration.
  • There is a great analysis of the opponent.

All these elements help to exercise brain activity and improve it significantly. In addition to this, numerous studies have been able to verify that chess helps the brain in its entirety, something that is highly beneficial for brain health.

Chess helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Unfortunately to this day, the Alzheimer it is still a disease that has no cure and for which there is no effective treatment. However, there are quite reliable studies that ensure that playing chess can help delay the progression of this disease.

Chess is a mental and cerebral sport and it is perfect as a means of preventing a disease as serious as Alzheimer’s.

Chess and other mind games

Chess like other mind games is perfect when it comes to exercising memory and mind. Experts point out that chess as a mental game that it is, helps to stimulate the cognitive part of the brain.

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Therefore, it cannot be said that chess is much better and brings more health benefits than other games in which the mind works as well. If it is true that practicing chess can help the little ones to accept the norms and rules imposed by adults. It has also been shown that children who usually play chess on a regular basis read much better than those children who do not play chess.

Chess helps to socialize

A big difference that chess has compared to other mind games is that it establishes a personal relationship between the two players. There is a social interaction that is beneficial for both people. It is perfect when it comes to socializing both in the case of adults and children. children.

It is not necessary to be present to be in front of each other, since it is enough to to play from distance. The pandemic has caused many children to suffer from various psychological and mental problems. Playing chess can help you overcome such problems and to promote sociability in front of other people.

Definitely, playing a sport like chess has many health benefits. The brain plot is the one that develops and strengthens the most. Chess allows to strengthen the memory and concentration of the person who practices it. Now that it is in everyone’s vogue thanks to the success of the aforementioned series, it is a good time to encourage children to the wonderful habit of playing chess.

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