The health benefits of mahlab are incomparable

Mahlab is a fruit with seeds similar to almonds, combining the flavors of almonds and cherries; Which makes it a distinctive and suitable addition to sweets, pastries and chocolates.
Milk contains many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, and helps treat Diabetes; Because it contains oleic acid, which reduces the level of blood pressure, increases fat burning; Therefore, it is useful in losing weight, and this effect reduces the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, and regulates the level of sugar in the blood; Which helps to treat and prevent diabetes.
Follow what the doctor in nutrition and food sciences, Cynthia Hajj said about the health benefits of Mahlab in the following:

Dr. Cinita Hajj

Health benefits of milk for heart health and diabetes ولم

– Eating Mahlab helps to enhance the work of the heart and strengthen its health; It greatly stimulates blood circulation, thus reviving the heart, regulating its beats, and preventing the problem of heart palpitations.

The milkshake is suitable for people who suffer from diabetes, and its regular intake contributes to regulating and reducing the rate of blood sugar, and it can also be eaten for people prone to this disease; To make the necessary prevention and delay the onset of the disease as much as possible.
– Mahlab contributes to improving the work of the kidneys; They are considered analgesic for renal colic; In addition to the possibility of its use in the process of breaking up kidney and bladder stones. Fenugreek enhances the work of the kidneys to expel toxins, is used to expel salts from the urethra, and is useful in the problem of fluid retention in the body because it is a diuretic. It is also used in the treatment of gout.

Health benefits of Mahlab and the digestive system

Treat stomach pain with Mahlab
Treat stomach pain with Mahlab

Reduces and treats stomach ulcer pain, and treats digestive disorders, especially stomach pain.

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Health and hair benefits of Mahlab

The oil extracted from the mahlab and the mahlab seeds themselves are among the most beneficial substances that give hair a set of great benefits. It significantly increases the length of the hair, as well as intensifying and strengthening it.
– Helps protect hair from hair loss and breakage.
– Softens hair and gives it luster and vitality.
Moisturizes the hair and protects it from drying out.
Mahlab is used to get long and healthy hair.

Health benefits of mahlab for the skin

Helps treat many skin diseases, the most important of which is scabies; Its oil is used topically, and it is applied as an ointment to get rid of scabies quickly.. It also helps to get rid of melasma and discoloration in the skin.
– The ring is used on the skin by grinding a small amount of Mahlab seeds, and mixing 3 tablespoons of them with a tablespoon of almond oil and a tablespoon of olive oil, in addition to a teaspoon of rose water, and then massage the skin with this mixture in circular motions for 5 minutes, then wash the skin with water.
It provides deep hydration to the skin and prevents it from drying out.
– Gives the skin softness and helps in the renewal of its cells.
– It purifies the skin from impurities and dirt, and helps open pores.
Rejuvenate skin cells and help get rid of dead cells.

Various health benefits of milking

It increases the chances of muscle growth in young people and adolescents, and strengthens weak muscles.
Mahlab contains many acids and compounds that strengthen the soft bones of the body.
– Helps to open the appetite; Which increases body weight and treats extreme thinness.
– treats the problem of bad breath; It eliminates stomach worms that cause this smell.
Treats coughs and colds, and reduces symptoms associated with colds.
It treats fever due to its ability to reduce high body temperature.
Contribute to the treatment of anemia or anemia, by eating Mahlab powder with sugar and sweet almonds.
Treat shortness of breath and asthma.
It addresses the problems of bone growth and fragility due to its richness in calcium.
Reduce inflammation in the intestine.
Improvement of the performance of the digestive and respiratory systems.
Contribute to the treatment of more than one type of cancer.
It is used as a pain reliever and headache relief.
Helps treat Alzheimer’s disease.
– Strengthens immunity and protects the body from diseases; Because it is an anti-oxidant.
The mahlab contains a group of active substances that give it important health benefits, such as: vitamins A and C, and minerals including: calcium, potassium, iron, copper and phosphorous, and antioxidants.
– Expel phlegm from the chest.
Helps treat fractures.

A note from «Madam Net»: Before applying this recipe or this treatment… you should consult a specialist doctor.

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