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The health benefits of the magical Nigella sativa oil..it will amaze you

by archyde

Follow up – Suzan Hassan

Nigella sativa is extracted from a plant called Nigella sativa, which is called black cumin but is completely different from regular cumin, and there are many health benefits in Nigella sativa oil that it is difficult to count them in this article.

Nigella sativa oil has been used for many medical and cosmetic purposes for thousands of years, and nigella oil contains many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and substances that improve cell growth as it restores vitality and youth to the body.

Nigella sativa oil benefits:

1- One of the secrets of beauty:

Queen Nefertiti and Queen Cleopatra used Nigella sativa oil, which is one of their beauty secrets. Many teenage girls and boys suffer from acne on the face, and Nigella sativa oil has anti-bacterial properties and thus fights acne-causing bacteria.

Nigella sativa oil is one of the best treatments for acne. Nigella sativa contains vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, manganese and zinc. It also has great moisturizing properties and helps reduce signs of aging.

2- Maintaining a healthy heart:

Nigella sativa contains unsaturated fatty acids called omega-6, and phytosterols, which are elements that nourish the heart muscle and maintain regular blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3- Maintains blood sugar level:

Nigella sativa oil helps in treating pancreatic cancer, and it is worth noting that nigella oil stimulates the production of beta cells, which are cells found in the pancreas and stimulates insulin production and even treats beta cells that have been damaged. It was found that black cumin oil maintains the level of sugar in the blood, by increasing Insulin secretion and increased sensitivity of the body to insulin.

4- It helps in losing weight:

If you are overweight, you can take Nigella sativa oil, which helps in losing weight as it reduces appetite and reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Weight loss drugs.

5- Facilitates breathing:

Nigella sativa oil reduces inflammation of the airways, which improves the breathing process, so it is a way to treat allergies and chest crises, and taking nigella oil is a preventive treatment for chest crises, and it is an effective oil in treating all types of infections.

6- Strengthens the body’s immunity:

Nigella sativa oil raises the percentage of white blood cells in the body, which ensures that the immune system is stimulated, so that the body can deal with cold, flu and pneumonia, because the nigella seed oil raises the number of white blood cells and raises the number of cells that kill microbes.

7- Helps to get rid of cough.

As it helps relieve cough and soothes the throat, it is preferable to mix black seed oil with ginger tea, or with honey to relieve coughing, or by inhaling the vapor of black seed oil.

In conclusion, there are many types of Nigella sativa oil available in the market, not all of which are from organic sources, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of Nigella sativa seed oil before purchasing it.

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