The health of the US President .. The White House reveals new details

On Thursday, the White House doctor announced that the US President had performed an operation to remove polyps in the colon, indicating that the tumor was of a benign quality.

And the White House doctor said in a statement that the colon tumor, which was removed last week during a laparoscopic operation, “is a benign and slow-growing tumor, but it may be a stage prior to the formation of a possible cancer, stressing that there is no need to take further measures at the present time.”

Biden, 79, is the oldest person to hold the presidency of the United States in its history.

Although speculation persists about whether he will run for president again in 2024, Biden said he expects to do so, amid speculation that his age may push him to retreat.

And earlier, the White House doctor announced in a detailed health report that the US president is “in good health” and “has the ability” to perform his job as President of the United States, after the latter underwent a routine medical examination.

Doctor Kevin O’Conner noted that the US president takes three prescription drugs and two other over-the-counter drugs.

“The president remains a healthy and strong man,” he wrote, stressing that he “has the ability to successfully exercise the duties of the presidency.”

The White House announced that Biden resumed his presidential duties on Friday, after handing them over for a short period to Vice President Kamala Harris, due to undergoing surgery that required anesthesia.

Presidential spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter that the US president, who underwent a “routine” endoscopy of the intestine, spoke to Harris and his chief of staff “at approximately 11:35 this morning. He was in good shape and resumed his duties at that moment.”

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