The health pass is no longer compulsory for caregivers at the Martinique CHU

A “mediation process” must also be put in place with the caregivers.

Caregivers at the university hospital center (CHU) will now be exempt from the health pass. In a note, the director general of the establishment, Benjamin Garel, announced that the vaccination obligation, which in principle concerns all French caregivers since October, would not affect the caregivers of the establishment. A “mediation processShould also be implemented with caregivers opposed to the vaccine.

This decision follows a standoff with Martinican health unions opposed to this vaccine obligation. The unions had thus blocked access to the CHU at the beginning of the week, before being forced by the judicial court of Fort-de-France to release the doors of the establishment.

“A concern for appeasement”

“We have witnessed in the bailiff’s reports threats, intimidation, insults, pressures of all kinds which prevent the continuity of the public health service and ensure security” had then told the Agence France-Presse (AFP), Maître Pascale Berté, the lawyer of the CHU. This one finally decided to fold.

Last August already, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran had put water in his wine concerning the vaccination obligation of caregivers in the Overseas Territories, explaining that he did not want “add [cette] constraint»On an already difficult health situation. Nearby Parisian, the French overseas ministry also considered that “For the sake of appeasement, the decision was taken not to carry out an exhaustive control at the entrance to the CHU by presenting security guards there who will be constantly confronted with cases of non-compliance with the health pass.».

Less than 50% of hospital staff are currently vaccinated. While the epidemic has regained ground in Martinique in recent weeks, Olivier Véran told the National Assembly that he had asked “that this vaccination obligation is applied in Guadeloupe [et en Martinique] as throughout the territory of the Republic, with discernment, with progressivity, as the health pressure decreases». Most “at the end of the end”, The Minister intends to enforce this obligation.


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