The health union mobilized and protested for decent wages

Living wages
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Groups of workers protested and mobilized this Wednesday in Caracas to demand decent wages.

Among them were the workers of the Hospital de los Magallanes de Catia, who protested at the doors of the health center for decent wages.

At the demonstration, nurses carried signs that read: “They pay us in bolivars and they charge us in dollars” or “Christmas bonuses are not enough for anything.”

In a video broadcast on Twitter, workers are observed protesting with the slogan: “Mr. President, we invite you to live with the salary we earn.”

The president of the Caracas Nurses Association, Ana Rosario Contreras, affirmed that they will continue in the streets of Venezuela despite the attacks against the health sector and the threats.

He said that low wages have led them to go hungry, but stressed that the commitment to democracy and citizens is greater.

He also denounced that the Nicolás Maduro regime has destroyed all the productive and health sectors of the population, which is now more vulnerable.

“Here we try to play with the health of Venezuelans, today we are in the street assuming the risks and threats and dismissals,” he said.

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