world The hearing sends to prison for risk of escape...

The hearing sends to prison for risk of escape to the former director of Pemex investigated for corruption


The judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno has agreed to the provisional detention, due to the risk of escape, of the former director of the Mexican oil company Pemex Emilio Lozoya, arrested last Wednesday in Malaga by the Police and who has opposed his extradition to Mexico, where It is investigated for having allegedly received bribes in 2013 for an amount of ten million dollars of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in exchange for awarding the renovation works of a Tula refinery. Lozoya weighs a search and capture order through Interpol with the objective of extradition to Mexico.

In addition to the risk of escape, the magistrate wields Lozoya’s lack of roots in Spain in the prison car, “where he arrived only two days ago” and the seriousness of the crime charged to him, which carries prison sentences of up to 15 years . At the time of the arrest, Moreno recalls, the former director of the oil company “He was inside a taxi vehicle of a private company and provided as a means of identifying a Mexican driver’s license, with his photograph but in the name of another person, Jonathan Solís Fuentes, from which it follows his intention to avoid the action of Justice ”.

The magistrate and the prosecutor Montserrat García Díez have questioned through videoconference the former president of Pemex, who was in the courts of Marbella after being arrested in a luxury urbanization of the Costa del Sol, and to whom the Justice of his country It charges a crime of operations with resources of illicit origin (equivalent to the laundering of our Criminal Code).

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Now, a period opens in which the Mexican authorities must deliver, within a maximum period of 45 days, the documentation that supports the extradition of Lozoya, which escaped when in May of last year several investigations linked him with allegedly corrupt activities in 2012 and 2013, when he was in charge of the Mexican oil company, a position in which he remained until 2016.

Investigated with the “king of steel”

Lozoya has another judicial front open in his home country, where corruption is also investigated on account of the acquisition by Pemex of the nation’s main steelmaker, Altos Hornos de México (Ahmsa), of an Agronitrogenados fertilizer plant in 2013. An operation that supposedly closed for a price, 500 million dollars, ten times higher than its real value. For this reason he was already arrested in Palma de Mallorca on May 28 of last year Mexican steel tycoon Alonso Ancira, president of Ahmsa, whose entry into prison also ordered the judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz. A month later, the magistrate agreed to release him after imposing a bail of one million euros and the obligation to appear in the court closest to his home every two days, a precautionary measure that according to legal sources the businessman has been complying since then without incidents In addition, the judge withdrew his passport and prohibited him from leaving Spain. Ancira, known as “the king of steel,” is waiting for the Court to resolve whether or not to grant his extradition to Mexico, where he is charged with a crime of use of resources of illegal origin.

Lozoya maintains that both former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto as the former Secretary of the Treasury Luis Videgaray and the former Chairman of the Pemex Council and former Secretary of Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, endorsed the purchase of Agronitrogenados.



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