The heartbreaking photo of Sergeant Nicole Gee, days before her death in Kabul

Nicole Gee is one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan in the terrorist attack in Kabul last week. A few days earlier, she had been photographed with a baby in her arms, as she handled evacuations at the airport.

© Sgt. Isaiah Campbell/AP/SIPA

“I love my job,” wrote Nicole Gee on August 21 on Instagram. This message was accompanied by a photo of her, taken at Kabul airport, in which she is holding a baby in her arms. It was there that a few days later, she would be killed in a terrorist attack claimed by ISIS. The young woman was only 23 years old and was from Sacramento, California. In Afghanistan, she was in charge of airport evacuations. A mission that was particularly close to her heart, she who had just been promoted to the post of sergeant. “I never imagined getting this promotion on merit, in Kuwait,” she wrote, still on Instagram, only three weeks ago.

“His car is still parked in our parking lot. It’s so mundane. Simple. But there she is, ”Sergeant Mallory Harrison wrote on Facebook. “My best friend, my sister forever. My other half. We trained together, were corporals together, became sergeants together. We have been roommates for three years, from the school barracks to our house here. We were tied together from the start. I can’t describe how I’m feeling and I force myself to come back to reality and think about how I won’t see it again. How her last breath was taken while doing what she loved in Afghanistan. There was this explosion. And just like that, she left. ”

The american president Joe Biden received Sunday on a military base the remains of the 13 American soldiers killed in the attack in Kabul, a difficult ceremony at a time when the American president is under fire from criticism from the opposition for his management of the Afghan crisis. The Pentagon had published on Saturday afternoon the identity of the 13 soldiers killed in the attack on Thursday. Of these, five were 20 years old, the length of the United States’ longest war, launched in 2001 in Afghanistan. Among them, the face of Nicole Gee aroused great emotion in the country.

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