The heartbroken crying goodbye? by Nacho Fernández and Enzo Pérez’s dart after the elimination of River against Palmeiras

Marcelo Gallardo consoled Nacho Fernández and asked Enzo Pérez not to protest before the arbitration list at the end of the match against Palmeiras

River was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores against Palmeiras and everything was uneasy. Despite the great work they had done on the field of play, by beating Verdao 2-0 and remaining just one goal away from equaling the series after the 3-0 suffered in the first leg, the Millionaires players could not hide the pain from to have been so close to the feat.

One of the players who suffered the most from the elimination was Ignacio Fernández, who had to be consoled by Marcelo Gallardo. Nacho, who would have the hours counted in River, could not control his tears as soon as the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich whistled the end of the match and therefore, the team’s dream of reaching its third consecutive final.

In the broadcast images also Franco Armani could be seen protesting before the arbitration list. The goalkeeper, like most of his teammates, felt harmed above all by the VAR, which annulled a goal by Gonzalo Montiel and a penalty on Matías Suárez, both correctly. Although it also had other flaws discussed.

About this he referred Enzo Perez, who, although he did not want to enter into controversy, threw a dart. “I am not going to speak better about the referees because it is not good. Each one will have their conscience very clear, like us who are leaving very calm. They will know if they made mistakes or not, nothing more. I don’t want to talk about the referees because it is not our thing ”, said the experienced midfielder, between irony and annoyance.

“River was eliminated showing that identity that sustained it during the last years,” Enzo Pérez said after the elimination. “The team left everything and fought to the end, as its history represents,” said the midfielder to the official broadcast of the match played at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo.

“This squad never settled for anything, because it has winning mentalities in its members,” he remarked. The Mendoza also elusively referred to the aforementioned situations that prevented him from achieving a long-deserved victory, noting that both he and his teammates left the field “with a clear conscience.”

Enzo Pérez recriminates the referee and Marcelo Gallardo tries to put cold cloths on the situation (REUTERS / Nelson Almeida)

Enzo Pérez recriminates the referee and Marcelo Gallardo tries to put cold cloths on the situation (REUTERS / Nelson Almeida)

“But those of the VAR I don’t know if they will go anyway, although I don’t want to talk about the referees or complain because this team never did. And then congratulate Palmeiras, because if he reached the final for something, “he concluded.

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