The Heartwarming Encounter: Amal Youssef’s Touching Reaction to a Foreign Elderly Man – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-30 08:26:15

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tik-Tok celebrity Amal Youssef revealed her reaction to a foreign elderly man who impressed him inside a restaurant.

And she said during a video clip: “A rule in the safety of God, except for one elderly person in front of me, from the kind foreigners, whose face allowed me, reminds me of my father, and I smiled at him when I entered the restaurant the first time I saw him, he returned the smile to me.”

And she continued: “I am a rule, so he asked me where are you from?

And she continued: “His word made me happy, even though it was simple and a fleeting word. The gentleness of the world in it.”

She explained that he told her: “He always searches on Google and among the things he discovered is that one of the most beautiful faces he always sees is Arab faces.” She concluded by saying: “Arab girls are the most beautiful girls in the world, and he is honest.”

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