The herbal market in the Covid era is bustling, a new option for enhancing the immune system for the body.

The herbal market in the Covid era is bustling, a new option for enhancing immunity for the body. Lin Zhimin has been registered as a medicinal herb for health.

In a state where the world is facing new epidemics, strengthening the body’s immunity. Therefore it is essential to life. As a result, the search for drugs or herbs to help strengthen the immune system. But at present, herbal dietary supplements That can identify the properties here must be registered with the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA only, now it is a good opportunity for Thai people. to have a new choice of choosing herbs to strengthen the body’s immune system

Mr. Chupong Laohasawan, CEO of Nature Biotech, revealed that recently the FDA has been registered for dietary supplements “Ling Zhi Min” as a herbal product for health. that can specify properties That helps to strengthen the immune system and helps to sleep. is completed

Lin Zhimin is a herbal product for health. Made from red lingzhi mushroom extract Combines the value of vitamins and minerals in the form of liquid extracts in soft capsules. Distributed in Thailand for more than 10 years and has sold more than 2 million boxes. Products are imported from Korea and distributed by the company. Nature Biotech Co., Ltd. under complete production standards For example, the manufacturer has passed the GMP audit from the Korean Food and Drug Administration, ISO 9001:2015, Halal. and has registered the food serial number from the Thai FDA

On the side of Dr. Dumrong Laohapornsawan Herbal guru, KG, Nature Biotech Co., Ltd., added that Ganoderma lucidum has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. It is classified as a long-lived mushroom. and has the oldest reputation among all herbs until it is said to be the King of Herbs

Dr. Dumrong said that in this new normal world, herbs have become an important alternative to nourishing the body. Because people are starting to realize that eating is a medicine. than taking medicine as food To strengthen the immune system for the body, which Lin Zhi Min can answer this question very well.

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