The Hermitage of Saint Petersburg reopens today after almost four months closed by the coronavirus

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The museum of the Hermitage St. Petersburg, which treasures one of the most important art collections of the world, reopens its doors today after almost four months closed by the Covid-19 pandemic. But it will limiting the number of visitors, not only in the daily access to the gallery in general, but also in the guided excursions inside each one of the rooms.

The director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovski, explains through a video broadcast on the institution’s website that the idling It is because “the pandemic is still with us.” In fact, in addition to the capacity restriction, some of the museum spaces will remain closed and the sale of tickets can be done exclusively through the Internet. The guided tours will be for five people only. «We return calmly, gradually, until the rhythm of before is recovered, but the process will not be fast, “says Piotrovski.

At the moment, art lovers will transit the Hermitage through two main routes and the next July 23, a third will open. You will have to choose one of those options and you will not be able to go back to see a room that has already been visited. “It’s about a attempt to continue living, but being aware that things are still very complicated“, Recognizes the director of the museum, although, he adds in another appearance,” we hope to recover, little by little, the cI get millions of visitors a year.

In any case, all the splendid and majestic rooms of the Hermitage can be visited in a 360-degree panorama on its website. This option has been working for a long time, but the closure caused by the epidemic has contributed to improving it and expanding it to an increasing number of works. Today also opens the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, although, as in the case of the Hermitage, not all its rooms.



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