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The last season of “Sabrina’s hidden worldIt promised to be an even more surreal affair than what had happened so far in the series, as it included a surprising cameo. Trailers for the series revealed the return of Aunts Hilda and Zelda from the original ABC series.

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Adapting his own comic series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa led the macabre reinvention of the life of Sabrina Spellman a Netflix in October 2018. It was quickly followed by more adventures that aired on 2019 and 2020. However, as a result of part 3, It was confirmed that the part 4 it would also be the last on the show.

Fans have long criticized the series for not having some elements from the original show that made it such a hit. TV, but during the latter season 4 fans have gotten what they’ve been waiting for with a cameo from the original aunts and himself Salem. How was this possible?

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In this article we will explain a little of the context of “Sabrina’s hidden world”About her meeting with the characters from the other series. Be careful, later there will be SPOILERS from part 4 and on how this meeting felt organic despite its meaning, as explained by the CBR.


Aunts Hilda and Zelda originals in the Netflix series (Photo: Netflix)

Before the grand finale of the series, the penultimate episode of the season 4 of “Sabrina’s hidden world”Showed Salem from the 90’s with his characteristic humor. In the original show Sabrina, Salem Saberhagen was sentenced to pass 100 years like a cat for trying to conquer the world, but still retained his personality and could speak without problems.

In the new series, Salem it only works as a companion that protects Sabrina and every now and then he appears meowing to help her. This was heavily criticized by fans on social media, but it was all fixed in the last few episodes when Sabrina morningstar walk through a mirror and enter an alternate world.

To the fans’ surprise, she is welcomed by the aunts Hilda and Zelda originals from the 90, Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick. The funny thing is that the series of Netflix It establishes that they are in a universe where they are in a television program, because of the laughter that is heard in the background, but there is something that does not add up.

The new Salem was heavily criticized (Photo: Netflix)

The new Salem was heavily criticized (Photo: Netflix)

Sabrina quickly learns that there is only one rule here: always show up prepared for work, and if you receive three strikes, the criminals are sent to the Green Room, a place where people disappear and are never heard from again. In fact, this seems to be what happened to Melissa Joan Hart, but it is not mentioned at any time.

The magic does not exist in this world which is composed instead of sets of the “real life”. All exits are boarded up, and the mirror portal also suddenly disappears, leaving Sabrina back to dress up as a prisoner and play on the absurd theme of 90 of this kingdom.

However, all is not bad. TO Sabrina Time is running out, but here at least Salem is finally speaking. But it’s not just a talkative version of Salem of the reboot, this is the 90s animatronic salem, complete with all its jerky moments and witty reprimands.

The Salem from the original series was one of the show's favorite characters (Photo: Nickelodeon)

The Salem from the original series was one of the show’s favorite characters (Photo: Nickelodeon)

In fact, this Salem he is the most important member of the cast. He himself says, “as the star of the show, I like to welcome new cast members”. At first, this comes across as a nice nod to the popularity of the Salem original, while also making a subtle mention of the fandom obsession with his character, but then a new development rephrases this completely.

As the episode progresses, we finally learn that this Salem is none other than The Endless, one of the Terrores Eldritch against those who Sabrina she was sent to fight. The show explains that cats have nine lives, which makes them essentially immortal, and therefore “endless”.

Of course, everything is done in a good mood. This version of Salem he’s the show’s lead writer, which makes perfect sense given that he always wanted to take over the world. And in the years that have passed since then, it could be argued that Salem also surpassed the program’s legacy in many ways..

Sabrina entered an alternate world (Photo: Netflix)

Sabrina entered an alternate world (Photo: Netflix)

Finally, Salem The Endless realizes that the only way to survive the all-consuming focus of The Void is teaming up with Sabrina and fight. While that doesn’t quite go according to plan, it’s still fun to see them briefly work together before the episode ends.

By bringing Salem back this way, the writers paid homage to the show that started it all while poking fun at the obsession of all with a talking robot cat of the 90’s. Interestingly, everything feels organic for being such an outlandish show, and at no point is any interaction forced between the original characters and those of “Sabrina’s hidden world ”.

Salem from the 90s series (Photo: ABC)

Salem from the 90s series (Photo: ABC)


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