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The high number of corona infections… What did Al-Abyad reveal about the country’s closure?

Minister of Public Health Firas Al-Abyad considered that “the increase in the positive rate of Covid tests during the past few days reflects an increase in the spread of the Corona virus in society, fueled by the most contagious “Omicron” mutant, and supported by the increase in social activities due to festive gatherings on holidays.”

He noted on Twitter that “the vast majority of infections were recorded in unvaccinated individuals, and 79 percent of infections were observed in patients under 50 years old,” adding, “Patients without symptoms constituted 38 percent of the positive cases.”

He continued, “The number of patients who are in critical condition has increased,” explaining that “in South Africa, where (Omicron) was recorded for the first time, the number of patients requiring hospital treatment was less than previous waves with other mutant variants. However, the 78 percent of Covid beds are occupied.”

In this context, Al-Abyadh explained that “more than 100 intensive care unit beds have been provided in the past two weeks. More will be added this week,” noting that “the Ministry of Interior pledged to seriously impose restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.”

And he added, “At the moment, the closure has been discussed, but no one has yet recommended it. The ability to increase the number of hospital beds, and the severity of future cases will determine the next step. Ironically, the most people who oppose the closure are the same ones who act in a way that increases the likelihood of it happening.” .

AndAl-Abyad pointed out that “next week, there will be an update on the status of medicines, supplies, and hospitalization,” stressing that “it is not easy to work in an environment with limited resources.”


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