“The High-Stakes Match of Juventus vs AC Milan: European Qualifications and Potential Sanctions”

2023-05-26 18:53:00

A classic of Italian football: Juventus against AC Milan. It was even the poster for the Champions League final, exactly 20 years ago, on May 28, 2003. And it should have been a decisive duel for qualification for the next Champions League. This Sunday evening’s match (8:45 p.m.), however, will look more like a meeting of false hopes.

If the Milanese (64 pts) can take advantage of a victory to formalize their place in the top 4, the Turinese (59) could theoretically also still fight for Europe by winning since there will still be a match to play. A ticket for the Europa or the Conference League is clearly possible, Roma (60) and Atalanta (61) being just ahead. At least, before potentially being sanctioned by UEFA.

Already sanctioned with a withdrawal of 10 points in the league in the case of capital gains, Juve indeed risks exclusion from European competitions next season. There Gazzetta dello Sportt argues that UEFA, which would conduct its own investigation in parallel, is awaiting the final verdict of the Italian courts to rule. “It is a scenario envisaged”, admitted Monday Evelina Christillin, representative of the European body, about an exclusion.

The answer is expected for the month of June, and the consequences will obviously be enormous for the club. Firstly for its sporting attractiveness and its prestige, since the absence of European competition will cool the potential recruits of standing that the club seeks to attract this summer. Then for direct financial gains.

Just not qualifying for the Champions League would result in a shortfall of almost 90 million euros, according to calculations by the Journal which is based on UEFA prize money, box office receipts and TV rights. For their part, the Bianconeri still keep the hope of avoiding this sanction while recovering the ten penalty points thanks to the appeal which will be examined at the end of the season. Which would also change the fate of AC Milan…

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