The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

A unique musical experience in the middle of the Hollywood Hills.

He gave his first concert in 1922, and since then he has seen talents like Karajan, Elton John and Pavarotti parade, architecture changing from year to year and an audience raving as much by the concerts as by the bonfires. artifice which are given there: the Hollywood Bowl, this magnificent amphitheater housed in the heart of the Hollywood hills, awaits only one thing: to have you in its ranks during its next spectacle.

A good bowl of air in Hollywood

Bigger amphitheater naturalness of the United States, the Hollywood Bowl is known throughout the city for its unique architecture in the form of a half-open shell, leaning against a Hollywood hill.

It was in 1919 that the Hollywood Bowl first emerged from the ground. The Reed family was in charge of finding a place to accommodate the performances the all-new Theater Arts Alliance. The Reeds then chose as their place a place well known to local families who came to picnic, called “Daisy Dell”.

The Hollywood Bowl and its acoustic shell

The Bowl officially opened its hull in July 1922, and hosted its first spectacle in November. The amphitheater was then very natural, with wooden benches and a small stage sheltered by a canopy. A few years later, in 1926, the amphitheater was reworked, to become a huge performance space, accommodating up to 26,000 people.

For the seasons of 1927, 1928 and 1929, Lloyd Wright – son of Frank Lloyd Wright – built different ” shells », To protect the stage, before the 1929 shell was replaced by a brand new shell, after the end of the 2003 season. Despite protests from the protectors of the authentic who did not wish to see the historic half roof demolished, the new shell made its debut for the 2004 season.

Hollywood_Bowl_at_night-300x169.jpgThis new roof brings together elements of the 1926 shells, its circular arc, 1928, its wide profile, 1929, its white lines, and the acoustic system is the same as that used in the